Major Key: Motivation.

“I can’t make it to the gym”. “My day at work was so long”. “Im tired”. “There was nothing healthy to eat at ____”. These are the excuses that I hear all day, every day. On top of these excuses are the complaints. The complaints of being out of breath when walking up stairs, not looking how they want to on vacation, or not fitting in to clothes they normally would. This lack of motivation stalls a lot of progress or “body goals” and breeds complaints and even depression.

I can be real and tell you that I do NOT wake up everyday motivated to go to the gym. If it were not for the Good Lord waking me up in the morning, Dunkin Donuts’ coffee, and actually working at a gym, I may see the gym three days or less a week. BUT I wake up determined. I wake up with dreams I went to bed with. I am one of those people who wants to save the world. I want everyone to be as healthy and fit as possible as well as having their dream bodies but we live in a world full of added sugars, GMOs, processed food and LAZINESS.

Find what motivates you. Whether it be Rihanna’s body, Khloe Kardashian’s workouts, or just a pair of jeans that have gotten too small…WORK FOR WHAT YOU WANT!!! Print a picture out and post it on your mirror, hang the jeans where you can see them, hire a trainer. Do whatever you can to reach your goals. Do not sit around waiting for a miracle fix. You can not microwave your body and it be hot in a minute and thirty seconds. You have to W E R K BOO!! Here are some tips I use:

1.) MAKE IT VISUAL: if you want to lose 10lbs, for example, get two bowls (one full of pennies or marbles and the other empty) as you lose weight put one penny or marble per pound in the empty bowl.

2.) ADD SOME VALUE: if you pay for a trainer you are obligated to go because these are your hard earned dollars being spent! don’t waste your money and make sure they are certified!

3.) REWARD YOURSELF ALONG THE WAY: I used to set goals for myself. When I could do 15 pushups without stopping I would buy myself a new water bottle or when I lost 10lbs I would buy the Trey Songz tickets (God forbid I got backstage passes; it would have been 20lbs lol)

4.) PLAN A CHEAT MEAL: I ate kale, chicken breast, and protein shakes all week so that I could eat this slice of cake of cheat day.

5.) PINTEREST: Couldn’t make it to the gym today? well at home workouts will do the trick. Pinterest also has other motivation! Get pinning!

Ladies lets be motivated within ourselves to work harder, look better, and live healthier. We are queens so we should treat our bodies as such. If you need more motivation, follow me on IG: @barbellbribri and come to our event next weekend for a workout led by me!

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