All White, All Right

No, this isn’t a race discussion. We’re getting fashionable today! Last weekend, the singles ministry at my church hosted a party in New York, themed all white. I don’t typically wear white, unless the piece is just to die for! Sometimes I feel like I cannot with certain items because of my darker skin complexion. However, when I said this to my sister, she responded with “Are you crazy? White looks better on darker-skinned people.” Because I barely wear white, I definitely had to purchase something. I searched for two days before I stumbled on this fabulous find on– all white, strapless, wide-leg jumpsuit. It came just in time, however, if I didn’t like it, it wouldn’t have been ideal. Fortunately, I loved it! Once I beat my face, you couldn’t tell me anything; I was absolutely giving 99’ Miseducation Lauryn Hill. My friend Ashley got a fabulous find also at for only $20! Can you say #bargainshoppers?


I was thoroughly impressed with how classy white looked on everyone with just a little bit of effort and needless to say, I am currently obsessed with all-white! I know you’ve heard of the cliché sayings “Don’t wear white after Labor Day”, but I believe this is bunch of nonsense. Though I attended a summer party, I certainly believe you can wear white any time of the year. I have this all-white wool, biker jacket that I got from Banana Republic for $47 (super sale from $189). I deem this my “polar-bear”. Not only is the jacket super warm, but it is giving NY chic. Don’t be afraid to wear your all white, all year. It gives a look of innocence, boldness, and chicness. Check out some all-white outfit ideas that you  can pull off for the rest of the year and send us some of your favorites.



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