cheer up, buttercup!

As the summer closes out and the cooler weather (wherever it may be) settles in, I’ve begun to do a lot of reflecting on how January 1st to today has gone. I have had a lot of highs with more than enough lows. I always reflect on the year at this time because before we know it, New Year’s Eve will be here. I wanted to take the time to talk about being hard on yourself and making sure that you don’t let it get to far out of hand. I am very hard on myself. Literally ten times harder on myself than my parents ever were. I want everything perfect at all times and if it is not perfect I am in high distress. Lately I’ve been pretty hard on myself as far as working out and achieving the body that I want to see. Stress and my workload have prohibited a lot of my progress…..this is where I snap out of my thought process.  I have had A LOT going on in my life and things are everywhere BUT this is how life will be. Nothing will be perfect. Ever. As I move forward through the year I’m putting more and more emphasis on changing my mindset. I have been making time for myself to sit and just think or talk to God. He has been showing me that the more I cling to Him, the more I will be able to deal with life’s imperfections. I want you all to know that you can do any and everything you set your mind to. If that doesn’t work DO NOT give up. So many people are so afraid of failing that they don’t even try. Stand firm in your goals and desires but know that you will have obstacles that God will bring you over and through. There is no reason why you should feel like you can’t do something. Keep striving baby girl!

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