Spiritual Sundays: Religion is not the issue.


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I’m always encouraging my age group to come to church with me but I’m not very successful. A lot of the response that I get is I believe in a higher power but I don’t believe in religion or organize religion. Let’s clear that up right now.

Religion is a strong belief in the supernatural power that controls human destiny; an institution to express believed in the divine power. The believe in a God or group of gods; the service and worship of God or the supernatural. i grabbed this definition from my dictionary app called Te for iPhone. Also merriam-webster. com and dictionary.com

So now if you say you believe in a higher power but you don’t believe in religion you’re contradicting yourself for religion is the belief in a supernatural/higher power .

Other responses I receive is I don’t like the church. To be clear the church is the people of God. So it’s best to say you don’t like religious people. Now if you’re not in the word it’s easy to not like church people and feel that they are throwing shade. In all actuality, if you feel shade that’s all on you. The people of God are suppose to uphold his standards, meaning the Ten Commandments which can be found in Deuteronomy 5. As a follower of Christ there are some things that are just not allowed or tolerable and God does not make exceptions for that. Do not fault the people for doing so. There’s an order and design of how the kingdom of God must go. if you don’t believe that, take up the Bible for yourself and read it. It has your answers I guarantee you.

Romans 3:23 for we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. No one is perfect facts, the Bible says that and we see it daily. Just because a few people of the church didn’t do the right thing doesn’t mean the people of the God as a whole are not good. To give an example to better understand this, lets use college. You have a few bad professors in college who don’t teach well or just aren’t good. Does that mean the college is no longer good or credible? No it doesn’t. All that means is those were bad professors. You have some people of God who messed up. Does that mean God and his word is it not good or credible? No it doesn’t. it means those people did bad and they messed up. The purpose of the college is still good, same goes for the church. The process and the people in between aren’t important, it’s the promise. At the end of the day, a good education to better yourself is what you’re after, a deep personal intimate relationship with God is what you’re after.


A friend expressed to me he doesn’t like organized religion because he the he feels the government uses religion to control the masses. The government needs SOMETHING to guide/direct people. Let’s not use the word control for we have more freedom than you could ever imagine. America was supposed to be built on Christianity. We all know they pick and choose what they wanted, all the more reason for you to read the Bible yourself and understand the original guide manual. For Christianity, the Bible is our to guide and reference to live out life in the best way. Without that you would just be going through life blindly with no sense of direction. That’s like you driving somewhere that you don’t know and have never been with no GPS. you just driving around, going in circles because you never been there, you’ve never taken this route before! That would be your life without the bible. It is necessary to have a set of instructions on how to do life.


I practice religion and attend a place of worship because I love and desire a relationship with God and like to be in an area of people with common interests. Don’t get so hung up on people’s behavior because you yourself are not perfect. Focus on what you’re gaining from having relationship with God and I promise you it will change your view on religion and the people of God. Find a church and get involved. And do this because you want a better understanding and relationship with God.

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