Oral Health – Oil Pulling

Let’s talk about oral health.

Did you know that even a clean mouth may have between 1,000 and 100,000 bacteria on each tooth, and those that do not have a clean mouth may have between 100 million and a billion bacteria on each tooth? (Emery, 2014)

-That is not something that I want to think about in my mouth.

I know we all have a schedule with how we take care of our teeth, but what if I told you I could take it to the next level? I did took my regimen to the next level. And I am so excited to tell you guys about the new addition to my morning routine- Oil Pulling! I have been using this method called oil pulling before I brush my teeth for literally 6 days now, and I am already amazed at the results.






What is oil pulling?

It is basically putting about a tablespoon of oil into your mouth and swishing it around your mouth, trying to push, pull and move it throughout your teeth. After you dispose the oil, you proceed to brush your teeth. Oil Pulling is considered a therapy and has been used for centuries in India and southern Asia as a holistic Ayurvedic technique.

According to the American Dental Association, Oil pulling is a natural way to “enhance oral health, whiten teeth, and improve overall health and well-being”. I have heard of people using oil to assist with their cleaning, but it wasn’t until I actually tried it, that I knew I had the share this with others. So far, I have noticed:

  1. My teeth are whiter. (Yes, I know I said I only used it for 6 days so far, but by day 2 and 3, I knew my teeth had gotten whiter.)
  2. My mouth stays cleaner throughout the day. (Its like the food just slide off my mouth!! )
  3. My wisdom teeth don’t feel sore anymore as they are growing in.


When you think about it, this process makes since. Some of my common uses of oil are to make it easier to take off makeup or extension eye lashes. This works because the oil breaks down the product on your face to make it remove easier. The same thing is happening on your teeth. As the oil hits your teeth and gums, “microbes are picked up as though they are being drawn to a powerful magnet. Bacteria hiding under crevices in the gums and in pores and tubules within the teeth are sucked out of their hiding places and held firmly in the solution.” (Emery, 2014)

“Oil gargling” is also used to purify the entire system; as it holds that each section of the tongue is connected to different organs such as to the kidneys, lungs, liver, heart, small intestines, stomach, colon, and spine. (Singh, 2011)

Now, keep in mind that oil pulling is not a substitute from your normal cleaning methods but should only be used as an addition. Common results from those who oil pull are:

  • whiten teeth
  • alleviate halitosis
  • reduce gingivitis
  • prevent cavities
  • reduce tooth sensitivity
  • reduces bad breath

In conclusion, oil pulling is a more natural way to clean your mouth rather than using a mouthwash with so many chemical. Plus, it has way more health related benefits. Oil pulling is definitely worth a try!

Stay Clean,

Ms. Aja Gibbs





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