Trendy Tuesday: Chokers Everywhere!

Attention! There’s an old trend that’s making its way back to the top of the charts. Chokers. Yes, chokers. Now when I think of chokers, I think of the cheap elastic ones that were available in a variety of colors back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I was about 6 or 7 when I used to rock them with almost every outfit. I even wore a choker on picture day LOL. I was obsessed, but it was a short-lived trend. By the time I was in about fifth grade, the trend had completely died out.

Image result for 90s chokers | 90’s Choker

Image result for aaliyah choker necklace | Aaliyah wearing a choker in her video for “Try Again”

Young Jess

Of course with every fashion trend, it repeats itself and now the choker is back in 2016 with a bang!  But, the choker is back in a bigger and better way. Instead of being made of cheap elastic material, the choker is back by popular demand in an array of materials such as denim, velvet, and leather. The 2016 choker is also bigger, so most of them are thick and durable and are extremely versatile. I’ve seen them worn with anything from jeans, a bodysuit and a bomber jacket, to a red carpet gown.

It’s safe to say that this new an improved trend will dominate fall fashion as a go-to accessory. And not only are chokers an accessory, there are also new choker dresses and jumpsuits that cuff around the neck so you don’t have to wear jewelry. You get the functions of two in one. I’m not sure how long chokers will be around, but it’s safe to say that they’re here to stay for the moment.

Image result for celebrities wearing choker | Choker Dress + Jumpsuit

Want to add some chokers to your collection but you’re not sure how to rock it? Tip: Chokers look great with outfits that expose your neckline (low-cut or v-neck bodysuits/tops/dresses).  Remember that chokers are a statement piece, so if you’re already wearing a lot of jewelry, you can do without the choker. See examples below.


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Image result for celebrities wearing choker


What do you think? Are you feeling the return of this trend or nah?

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