Still Human

Hey Lady,

Marilyn Monroe once said “I have feelings too. I am still human. All I want is to be loved for myself and for my talent.”There seems to be an underlying theme with the occurrence of recent events.  From the “Black Lives Matter” movement to Kim Kardashian being robbed [Yes I am very serious].

This past week the news broke that tv personality, Kim Kardashian West, was robbed at gun point in her hotel room in Paris. The robbers allegedly tied her up and held a gun to her head while she was begging and pleading for her life. It is alleged that they stole over 10 million dollars worth of jewelry.

It really broke my heart when I saw the reaction and comments of people. Some called her “an attention whore…who would do anything for publicity.” Others called her even more degrading, unthinkable names and wished she was raped–even worse, wished she was killed. One person commented underneath the story saying ” they should have done the world a service and gotten rid of one of the kardtrashians.”

But this post is not necessarily about Kim Kardashian, but about the reaction of the public. No matter how much you may hate Kim, she is still a person with the same attributes that makes you and me a living being-a human.I can only imagine the type of fear Kim was in thinking if this was really it. If she would never see her husband and two beautiful children again. To hear people wish evil and wrongdoing upon a person is unfathomable.

Seems like this current culture is getting more and more desensitized to the value of a human life and that is a pretty scary thought. From Kim, to the black lives being lost, they are all still human. How can we as a generation get back to recognizing the value of a human life?


Lady J.

5 thoughts on “Still Human

  1. sandrakoranteng says:

    So true. I can’t believe people think and say such heinous things. I think we really just do not consider people better than ourselves, but we need to learn how. We are all equal, made in God’s image. No one deserves to be hurt, no matter the lifestyle they live.

  2. rworrellblog says:

    Learn to say you’re welcome more than you say thank you…….The best way to care more is to give more. Then we will begin to see our own value and stop hating the value of others.

    • Lady J says:

      “The best way to care more is to give more.” I love that quote and it is honestly the truth. When we recognize how much of ourselves we give to others when we see others doing the same we appreciate it more! Thank you for sharing!!

      • rworrellblog says:

        Lady J, I feel that none of what we have is ours anyway. Its simply what God gives us to manage. If we manage it well and unselfishly, he gives us more. If we can’t handle the little or if we are selfish with little, how would we be with a lot. The bible says: Give and it shall be given, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over!

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