Talk that Talk Thursday: Womb for Rent


I read this CNN article on the Indian government wanting to ban foreigners from paying Indian females to be surrogates. I instantly had to write about it.

Surrogacy is the act of another woman carrying a child that is not biologically hers, usually compensated through a large lump-sum of money, health benefits, housing, etc. Women that usually have low-income jobs or are unemployed are typically targeted as surrogates. Thus, women in developing countries are typically hired to complete this nine-month task.

Why Surrogacy?

Some women’s bodies are simply not built to carry a child. They become ill or miscarry, causing strain on themselves and potential harm to the child. However, some women simply do not want to “damage” their bodies with stretch marks, weight-gain, etc. I think surrogacy is a viable option for many women hoping to have a biological child and cannot due to reproductive or other health-related conditions. However, I do not think it is okay to pay a woman to carry a child that you are perfectly capable of carrying. That’s just selfish.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a mother, but I cannot wait to be. I think the fact that we can physically support life is magical, supernatural, an honor, and sign of God’s grace. So heed my words when I say this is a personal opinion, in which, I humbly accept correction from mothers.  Some women just take advantage of surrogacy and it’s not fair to the surrogate mothers.

Children With Deformities

Sometimes children birthed form surrogacies have deformities. Sometimes children birthed from their biologically mothers have deformities. It happens. It’s sad, but it is factual. The article quoted this: “there were too many instances of people abusing surrogacy, including couples who had abandoned unwanted children or babies born with disabilities” (Riley, 2016). Here’s what I have to say: regardless… that’s still your child! That’s your egg and that your partners sperm. Had you conceived him/her yourself, would you abandon them? There’s some interesting people out there, but chances are no! Secondly, let’s just look at it practically. You just spent however much for this operation (whether it was 50k or $1), you made an investment, and to not want the child because they may be bit a bit different from the rest of the world is also financially stupid.

Sorry ladies… I just had to vent after reading this, but give me your thoughts! I would love to hear your opinions!

Nothing but love,


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