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So recently, I have been seeing a lot of high school students around campus participating in the college tour my university offers. While waiting for the bus I overheard one of them say to their friend “girl, I don’t even know why I came when I don’t even know what I want to do yet!” This made me realize a lot of people, young and old, are in the same position as this young lady. They do not know what they want to do and/or how to turn their passion into a career.

Ever since I was a little girl I use to have dreams of being a doctor in a rural village in Japan. I would see myself helping people out of my mobile hospital and when I was done I would teach the people about Christ. So from that time on I knew I wanted to become a doctor.

I went through my early schooling years already knowing what I wanted to do in college and in life. During my high school years I started working in child care as way of making money but I quickly realized that I loved working with the kids too. I continued to work with children well into the start of my college journey.

I started college as a biology major because I knew I would be applying to medical school. Three years into my biology major I realized how much I hated it. Not necessarily the science field, but I hated learning about molecules and atoms. I didn’t understand how that translated into the human body, surgeries and curing diseases. I wasn’t doing well in school because I wasn’t enjoying what I was learning anymore and I was rethinking going to medical school. After I spoke with my mom she asked me  what else did I see myself doing because I am so good at many things that no matter what I chose to focus on I will be successful.

I was still working as a early childhood teacher but I didn’t want to be teacher for the rest of my life. I am a good writer and knew that no matter what field I pursued I could still write. After our conversation, my mother told me to sleep on it. In the morning  I woke up with a stack of paper on my night stand with a note that said “I will always support you no matter, read these and lets see the way forward-mom” She had spent the whole night researching different fields in science and concluded from what I was saying, my passion and my talents that I might enjoy psychology.

To be quite honest, up until this crossroad I never really knew much about psychology. I assumed it was either a therapist on a couch or a psychiatrist dealing with mentally ill patients, but boy was I wrong! The more I read the more I realized that this is exactly what I  wanted to do. Psychology captured my passion and interests [children, human behavior, learning, science] in a nutshell.

Through this process I realized that a person can have many talents and interest but in the end they are many paths they can take to arrive to the same destination. We all have many strengths and talents but we are successful when we recognize and apply them correctly.  “So how can I identify my strengths and talents?” I am glad you asked!

I am so grateful for my mom and the impact she’s had on guiding me through my career choices. I use to jokingly say she should write a book and help more people because if people knew how to turn their passions into careers they would spend less time and money figuring it out. Well she did just that “How to be Wired for Career Success” is climbing up the top 50 best sellers on Amazon.com.

The tips in the book are the same ones that have helped my brothers, me and so many  others find their purpose, pursue it and produce what the world needs. You are never too young to think about your future. In this day and age you can make money doing just about anything. So I encourage you to read this book, find your purpose and turn your passion into profit. I promise you you won’t be disappointed.

Until next time,

Lady J.

Here is a link to the book if you are interested: https://www.amazon.com/How-Be-Wired-Career-Success/dp/1478770791/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1476943751&sr=1-1&keywords=how+to+be+wired+for+career+success


6 thoughts on ““Find Purpose & Produce”

  1. Jessica Gold says:

    Absolutely loved this Jasmine! I felt the same way about being a doctor and then a journalist for a magazine that focused on black culture. However, God had a different plan and now I am reaching women by starting a whole movement where writing it still involved, but there is a bigger purpose. I will definitely be getting Mama Evelyn’s book. Tell her that I said congrats!!

    • Lady J says:

      It’s so sad that at times young people feel that the only way to reach their goals is to go through the “traditional route” society has paved for us. Obviously you are succeeding at being a great writer! Moreover, you are still reaching and helping others.

  2. Latoya says:

    Great thoughts on the topic of purpose. This is a topic that I write passionately about and I’m always looking for new literature on the topic.I will check out the book you suggested.

    • Lady J says:

      It is so refreshing to meet like minded people who care about pursuing their passions instead of a job. I am looking forward to your thoughts on the book! Thank you for sharing.

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