Trendy Tuesday: Treasures in Common Places


Hello there fashionistas! Fall is here and the fashion is poppin. Fall is one of my favorite seasons simply because of the fashion. For instance, it’s the gateway to boots and scarves without the full on commitment of a winter coat. I always get comments on what I’m wearing, especially when it comes to my fall fashion, and when I tell people where and for how much I got it for, they’re shocked! Today to work, I’m wearing: an Aztec print shawl, knee high boots, a green rib-caged 3/4 sleeves turtleneck, black leggings, and chunky jewelry. The outfit sounds like a Carrie Bradshaw sex in the city outfit, but the outfit cost no more than $60! The boots from Zara: $20, the shawl from forever 21: $13, the turtleneck from Zara : $15, and the chunky jewelry from H&M: $12. These are stores that you hear of or go to often especially for their popularity and relative inexpensiveness. But this is the trick to having a fabulous, unique closet while shopping in common stores… Find something that catches your eye, what’s unique to you and no one is wearing… something that you’ve never seen anyone wear before or at least people in your age group (I wear my moms old stuff off the time; vintage is everything). And guess what?! I’ve found that these things are usually on sale and you know you can’t pass up a good sale. Buy it and don’t let it go.

Sometimes you won’t know what to wear it with immediately, but don’t give up on it. Pinterest is my friend. When I have something absolutely gorgeous, but I’m not sure what to wear it with, I search Pinterest for that piece of clothing then I usually get an idea of how to make that article of clothing into a fabulous ensemble.

Remember fashion repeats itself, so don’t give something away or toss it just because you’re tired of it. Store it and preserve it. You never know how you can rock it in a couple of years. 

And finally, do a lot of mix-matching. Next time I can wear the green turtle neck with an oversized sweater and a pencil skirt with some booties. This makes for an entirely new outfit. Think of what else you can wear that piece of clothing with. You’d be surprised with all the outfits you come up with.

So here’s my advice for Fall 2016 and life:

  1. Find unique(you’re too fabulous to be basic )
  2. Find the sales
  3. Pinterest and other creative sites are your friend
  4. Mix and match
  5. Don’t toss; just preserve
  6. But most importantly, make it your own!

Fall Is On!


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