Spiritual Sunday: Make a Decision!

I’m an emotional over thinker so consequently, I’m an emotional over-thinking Christian. Sometimes if I don’t feel the spirit/ moved, then I don’t do something that I should. Better yet, if my feelings are heavily involved, then I don’t think Christ-like. What I’m realizing is, God doesn’t say we should wait until we “feel like it”, but to be obedient regardless. Because the truth of the matter is: ‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways’ declares the Lord” Isaiah 55:8. We will not think like the Lord, we are not on the same level. We are human and sinful. But he does command us to be obedient by keeping his teachings. Everyday you’re not gonna feel the same and on fire for God… in fact, some days, your flesh is going to be more willing than your spirit, but you have to push through. I’m sure Jesus didn’t feel like dying but he did for us to have a chance. So I say all this to say, we have to make a decision, everyday, to follow Christ! No matter what’s going on in your life, choose Christ. Every time my sinful nature comes out, I have to talk to myself and say “I’m determined to be with Christ”. In my prayers, I tell Christ how hard it is to be with him, but I’m determined to go to heaven. Christianity… real Christianity, is difficult. But admit your concerns to God because he knows them, but also make a decision to be with Him because he is good!

Nothing but love,


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