New Year, New You?

Happy New Year Queens!

I hope 2017 is prosperous and blessed for you so far. I know a lot of people make New Year’s resolutions, or even make vision boards to encourage them to accomplish their goals for the year or years to come; but this year, let’s make resolutions or goals that are actually attainable and will transform us from the inside out. If you know you’re not serious about hitting the gym and cutting back on sweets and fast food, then don’t waste your time acting like it just to get praise on social media. Now if losing weight or adopting a healthier lifestyle is truly a goal, then do it. Be completely committed to it. Find a gym buddy to hold you accountable and shed the pounds or lower that cholesterol.

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Maybe your goals have nothing to do with your physical body, but you want to mature spiritually. That’s great! Find some books, practice meditation, find a devotional and Bible that is easy for you to read, or maybe take a class at your church, or join a yoga class. Whatever your goals may be, just make sure you actually plan to follow through with reaching for them.

New Year, New Me is what we seem to hear every year from our peers, and the slogan is now losing it’s value because many people only take their resolutions seriously until January 31st. And as soon as their job has a potluck they can’t control themselves from piling seconds and thirds on their plates, or as soon as a lady in Target gets an attitude with them, there they go popping off and cursing her out. But Jess, isn’t everyone a work in progress? Yes, but what I’m saying is be intentional about what you want to accomplish. Don’t just do or say things because it sounds good.

Still stuck on what to devote time to in 2017? Here are some suggestions.

  1. Want to start a business? Do it! The power of NOW! (as my pastor would say) You might not be promised another year.
  2. Has your anger, insecurities, jealousy, etc. been taking over your life? Work on dissolving those issues from the inside out. I suggest reading the Bible, picking up some self-help books, and even going to anger management or therapy.
  3. Desire a better relationship with family members or your children? Pray, pray, pray! You can’t stay mad at someone you’re constantly praying for. Be the bigger person and reach out to them. Most importantly listen more than you speak. This will help you better understand other perspectives.
  4. Bulk up your savings! Decide on a certain amount each month that you will either be putting in a savings account or putting aside in a safe. You can even use a shoe box. Watch your money grow this year without spending it.
  5. Treat yourself to a trip this year. If you can’t afford it this year, that’s OK. Start researching possible locations and saving little by little. Speak it into existence.
  6. Praying for God to send your husband? Prepare to be a wife in your singleness. Read and mediate on 1 Corinthians 13 constantly. Pray and seek God. Learn to cook, take care of a home, etc. Practice the fruits of the spirit everyday. Wait. He might not come this year, but make this a year of preparation.

Be blessed Queens! Let’s make 2017 an amazing year!

XO, Jess

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