Ooo la lashes

Sometimes it’s the little things that make your day that much better. I woke up to lash extensions this morning; and let me tell you that it is one less thing to stress about while getting dressed.

 Worse case senario, if you had no time to put on make up, you at least have lashes and can throw on some lipgloss! You really can’t argue with that. Yes, mascara does a great job with enhancing your natural eyelashes; but I’m a girly girl and the more drama the better! 

So what is really the big difference between fake lashes and mascara? I heard someone before say that lash extensions are mascara’s older sister- lol. Talk about glow up! While mascara can only change the appearance of your eyes, extensions change the appearance of your whole face. Lash extensions also avoid that smudged look like mascara. They also give a more even, softer, longer, eyelash look. 

Lash extensions are typically applied by using lash glue onto your natural lashes. This can last for 2-4 weeks depending on the quality. Now, depending on your passion for eyelash extensions, there are two main places that I would recommend to get them done. 

1. Your local nail salon. This ranges from $20-35. 

2. A spa or lash specialist. Prices can vary but range from $60-$250. (This drastic difference ranges because of the quality of hair & professionalism). 

As fair warning, lash extensions can tear your real lashes out if they are not taken out properly. (They will grow back) But, if you have never tried lash extensions before, you can always apply strip lashes for the day and fall in love the falsies look yourself. Either way, be prepared to stop the show. 

Love always, 

Ms. Aja G. 

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