New Year, Better Goals.


Good Morning Ladies!

    It may be 13 days late but HAPPY NEW YEAR! I was going through a lot last year (thank God for deliverance! WHEW!) and had to resign from posting but I am back and bettaaa than evaaa! Lets get right into this thing!

    I am sure that you have your New Year Resolutions laminated and posted on your bedroom wall, on your desk at work, and hopefully at the forefront of your mind. If those resolutions do not include taking better care of yourself then we have to revisit this list and make that the number one priority. I want you walking in confidence this year because you deserve to. I do not want you hiding behind your excuses again this year so lets get on to my top 5 ways to make sure your health and fitness resolutions actually work.

1.) Get a gym membership or exercise equipment– How many times have you said “oh, ill just work out at home” and you don’t? uh-huh exactly. When you see that membership coming out of your account each month it will help push you to go (hopefully). If you can’t afford a gym membership, invest in fitness equipment to use at home and actually use it. Mini bands, resistance bands, an exercise ball, and hand weights are perfect.  Ive found amazing equipment on Amazon and Ebay for great prices. Also, at the beginning of the year Five Below has everything you will need to make a minimal at home gym.

2.) Throw out the junk!- When I started my fitness journey I literally threw out everything that was not going to get me toward my goals. Chips, pop tarts, candy…EVERYTHING. Today I believe in moderation but if you know you can not control yourself and it will hinder you then throw it out. If you live at home with your parents and siblings, like I do, I encourage you to help them get on your health kick. If they do not agree and want to keep their snacks and foods, try requesting that they keep them in a separate cabinet or bin where you can not get to them.

3.) Come up with a meal plan and make a grocery list- Come up with meals that you like that are healthy. You can even modify your favorite dishes to make them healthy. Love pasta? Try zucchini noodles. Love rice? Try Cauliflower rice. Cant put down ice cream? try Halo Top (I just bought some more yesterday from Whole Foods and the entire DELICIOUS pint is 280 calories and 24 grams of protein!) Whatever you love there is an alternative…TRUST ME! There are plenty of healthy options on Pinterest. I have an entire board devoted to health and fitness named “Clean Body”. Feel free to follow! The grocery list can be changed week to week but it will keep you focused on only buying those things and make your shopping trips faster.

4.) DRINK MORE WATER!- I have stressed the importance of water intake before (see my previous post titled “Ok Ladies Now Lets Get In Hydration”) but seriously…DRINK UP! The more water you drink the better. Get a water bottle and fill it up through the day. If you can drink a gallon of water a day, great! If not, increase the amount you drink a day each week to build up to a goal of 1 oz of water per pound of body weight (ex. if you weight 150lbs., drink 150 oz). You may be in the bathroom non stop but your body will thank you by metabolizing fat, easing digestion, curbing cravings, clearing skin, hydrating hair and skin, and much, much more.

5.) Make a plan- Answer these questions and you will have a detailed plan:

  • How many times a week will you go to the gym?
  • What will you work on in the gym each day?
  • When will your rest days be (I suggest no more than 2 rest days)?
  • When will you go grocery shopping?
  • How will you hold yourself accountable?
  • What will you reward yourself with when you reach each of your goals (I suggest making small goals and rewarding yourself with things like a massage or new workout shoes)
  • How will you tick your progress?
  • How will you stay motivated?

  It is not too late to get started ladies. There is no better time than now. Just because you didn’t start on January 1st does not mean you will not reach your goals. Timing means nothing, action does. Be intentional about your goals. Lets get to work!

             – Bri

P.S. If you would like me to cover any topics that you may be wondering about feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments. I would love to help!



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