Denim on Denim!

Hello there lovely ladies! It’s been a while, so I thought I’d share a trend that I’ve become drawn to. That is of course, if it’s done right! Denim has always been in; Jean jackets, regular jean bottoms. Some denim appeared and left as quick as it came, like jeggings, or jean hats. But more importantly, there have always been unspoken rules to denim, one in particular being: DON’T DO DENIM ON DENIM and if you do, make sure that it is opposing denim.

By opposing denim, I mean if you want to wear a chambray top (denim top), you shouldn’t wear classing denim (“blue jeans”) with it. You would wear a differentiating color bottom like red, or black. Denim on denim just looked tacky; you looked like a walking jean, and yes I meant to leave off the s. I loved Brittany and JT back in the day, but this was tough to swallow.The 28th Annual American Music Awards.

But now, we’ve done something different and we’ve made it appealing…even creative to wear denim on denim. The trick is to not look baggy; find something that accentuates your body; skinny jeans will be key in pulling this trend off. Also, wearing a pop color brings out the denim ensemble. For instance, this lovely young woman below is wearing mint stilettos with her outfit. You could even do a jean jacket with a skinny jean and pull off a casual, yet trendy outfit.

You heard if it from me, don’t be afraid to rock that denim! Just cary it with class, fit, and a bit of color!

Your favorite Topliner,


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