Are you plugged in?


How may chargers do you have? Maybe 3? One for your room, one for the car and then the backup charger. How often do you charge your phone? Every other night, every night or whenever you get the opportunity? Some of you are so adamant about a full battery that you’re running for a charger when you see your phone on 92%. Either way we can all say we keep our phones fully charger and have all the means to do so. Your phone is always ready to service you.


Let me ask you this, are you fully charged? When  was the last time you plugged yourself into the word of God?  Maybe last night or a couple weeks ago? Or has it been few months or maybe even a year? We all manage to keep a fully charged battery on our cell phones, so we ALL need to be fully charged on the word of God.


You know when your phone on 30% you’re not going to get that far in your day. So why is it some times we try to survive off of 30% of God?  Ever wonder why you can’t see clear, things aren’t going your way, feel confused and misplaced. That’s because you are becoming empty on the word.  We were not designed to tackle this world on our own. Read Psalms 121 to remind you of your helper and what He does for you.


God is a free source! When He charges you 100% you’re going to go through your day like a super hero. Even when the enemy is trying to attack you, it won’t matter because you are ready and you are fully charged up on the word of God. The enemy get in your face, POWWW!…hit him with the scripture….POWWW!…angels jump in as defense….POWWW!…hit him with tongues courtesy of the Holy Spirit.



Don’t miss a beat and stay full plugged into the word. Joshua 1:8 says ” Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful”(NIV).  You can not and will not go wrong in life making God your source!





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