Visualize it!

Every once and a while when I’m feeling particularly bogged down with life it helps to take a step back and do some large-scale goal setting and visualization. I love doing vision boards and it’s a great way to be creative and really think about what you want out of life. There is no limit on it.Vision boards can be whatever you want them to be. Mine tend to be more on the collage side of things but has the same general message: words and pictures displaying either daily aspirations or goals that you have. I love it because you don’t necessarily have to be the most artistic person ( and trust me, I’m not) but you can still have a finished product that looks great and does exactly what you want. Regardless of what it looks like, just the process  of working on a vision board can be calming. It takes the list of goals that we all make and kicks it up a notch. Essentially you can take that list and give it life, take it off the page and make it real. Get creative and accomplish those goals that you set out for yourself!

Here’s my example!


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