Get Out & Get Active!

I know what you’re thinking….”Bria, its cold”. I know, I know. This weekend, in the beautiful DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) , it will be upwards of 60 degrees so you don’t have an excuse! One of my New Years Resolutions for 2017 is to get out of the house this spring and summer and do something active. With the weather being so nice (two days ago and for two days only *rolls eyes*) I started thinking about what adventures I wanted to take. These are just a few of my plans for the spring and summer:

1.Hike at Great Falls National Park


This place is so stunning! Its hard to believe its practically in my back yard in McClean, VA. This Northern Virginia gem has 8 trails all boasting beautiful views and even the chance to see, hear and feel those rushing white waters. Get there early as there is usually a line when they open on nice days.

2.Complete the workout stations while walking around Lake Elkhorn


I grew up in Columbia, Maryland and one of the cutest lakes was located not too far from my house. My mom and I still go to this day because of the length of the lake and how beautifully it displays Howard County. Along the bike, running, and walking trip are workout stations and in ground equipment. There are directions on how to do each. It just gives your added walk a little more sweat.

3. Host a bootcamp at my old high school’s football field

I have been thinking about doing this for awhile now and this summer may just be it! I have to ask the school and workout some more kinks and this will be a go. More details to come!

4. Bike the route around BWI


I’ve known about this route for some time now but have never thought about biking the 11 miles around the airport.

5. Run the beach at Ocean City


I will most definitely have to train for this if I want to fully run the full 9 miles of the Maryland coastline, but just seeing the water will be so soothing that I may stop a few times to take it all in.


I hope to see you out and about when this cold weather breaks!



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