Trending Tuesday: 2017 Grammys

Hi there entertainment connoisseurs! This past Sunday was the 2017 Grammys and it was interesting. I can’t put my finger on awards shows, so interesting is always my adjective of choice. I want us to have a conversation, so I’ll give my thoughts, and you give yours!

Host: James Corden was hilarious. I see him from time to time on his show, The Late Night Show with James Corden and it’s always a good time. His opening skit where he falls down the steps and the singers are still performing was hilarious. Then he raps… I will say that I thought it was well done, but the audience didn’t give him much play (Diddy, can you sign him?) he also did a good job of thriving off the energy of the artists. Twenty One pilots stripped waist down as homage to their basement Grammy-watching days, so of course Corden followed suit.

Awards: Adele… this woman went home with 5 Grammys. Her voice is indeed powerful and ‘Hello’ is a great song, but here’s what I think should have happened (no shade to the British songstress)

She got pop album of the year which was well-deserved. However, album of the year should have went to Drake. But maybe he didn’t get it since he boycotted this year. Of course Adele’s husband was over it.

Chance the rapper received best new artist. Agreeable! And I absolutely love how he honored God as a result. 
Performances: someone posted this meme of Beyoncé hanging on to life in that chair.

Her performance was confusing to me, but she’s Queen B! One thing for sure, she looked absolutely radiant and Blue Ivy is the cutest little child! Furthermore, how beautiful was it that Ms. Tina Knowles introduced her daughter? But I personally prefer Solange vibes all day!

Bruno Mars: Bruno, you killed me man!! I absolutely adore your voice, your swag, and your lyrical enthusiasm, but the fact that you didn’t perform 24-k magic? I don’t know if we can be friends anymore. I was ready to dance! He should win this year’s song of the year for 24-k Magic. And let’s not forget his amazing tribute to Prince.

Surprises: Adele channeled her inner Kanye. She said Beyoncé’s Lemonade deserved album of the Year. Super super heartfelt. Can we get a round of applause for the genuine artists out there?

This was just my general thoughts on the show, but I know you probably saw more than I saw. Let us know!



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    • sandrakoranteng says:

      Hey Andrew, sorry for the late response. I’d definitely have to say that I am in awe of Bruno. His voice, his swag. And Katy Perry and Damien Marley were pretty good.

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