Putting ME First

[I will] continually ask God to fill [me] with the knowledge of His will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives. -Colossians 1:9 

I don’t remember exactly when I began to pray this Scripture, but I believe that praying this along with continually asking God to use all of my experiences to teach me has led me to my current and newest revelation. In the past two months, God has used my sister, a new friend, my introduction to Redefine Woman, and the struggles of my former relationship to tell me to pay attention to how I feel. For days I ignored this push to focus on me.

Once again while planning for my mentoring group (lol), the videos I found to share with my girls truly spoke to me. In addition to being pushed to focus on myself, these videos (below) put in perspective why that is so important.


Why YOU?


Why put YOU first?


How can putting YOU first create balance?


Initially, I ignored the push to focus on myself because I was afraid. Afraid of making a change, afraid of how this could affect all those close to me, and afraid of what this would really mean. However, I found the conversations in the videos above to be really inspirational; they helped to instill in me the desire to take more time for me. I feel that God wants me to spend time learning what my purpose is, taking care of my inner and physical being, and focusing on what makes me happy. Although coming to this realization has caused me to make several decisions that I am not necessarily happy with, I am confident in the ultimate results that this will bring.

What struck me the MOST:

  • Your NUMBER 1 JOB is to figure out what your purpose is and to align your skills, personality and being with your purpose
  • Only through learning your purpose, do you have the ability to offer your full self to the rest of the world
  • You are the representation of God in your life so you have to be as good to you as you want to be to God
  • Be Self-FULL. You don’t have anything to give that you don’t have. You have to keep your cup full. What is in your cup is for you, what comes out of the cup is for everyone else
  • You have to take care of yourself, in order to have the alignment, power, and energy to take care of others
  • Taking care of yourself feeds into your happiness and helps you to be full enough to give into other areas of your life which ultimately creates balance


I am looking forward to taking care of me!



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