The Daniel’s Fast

Hey there!

As many of you know Easter is right around the corner. That also means that the Daniel’s Fast or Lent is coming! I especially love this time because not matter what it is that you decide to “give up”, you will see more of God.

My church participates in Daniel’s Fast and we have chosen to not consume meat, artificially flavored food, processed food, added sugar, dairy, and sundays are reserved for chicken and or fish. I particularly love this because I am a health nut! My church is predominantly African American and the health issues that attack our community NEED to be addressed. With that being said, this fast from all of the things that are playing major roles in our health downfall are not to be touched for 40 days.

What I want to talk about is how to get through this particular fast. Rule #1: if you choose to participate in this fast and you do not fix your heart on seeking God you are merely following a diet. That is not the focus of fasts at all. This is a time where we can get closer to God, seek His face and really internalize the sacrifice that He made in order to save us dirty little sinners.

I have made the mistake of using this as a diet and not a relationship builder. I literally didn’t last a week because I was doing it for the wrong reasons. Had I properly prepared and really chose to seek God, I know I could have made it (Phil. 3:14 HELLO! lol). Needless to say, I’ve given up different things since then. I’m still unsure how I want to go about my fast this year but I still have time.

This particular Daniel’s Fast is a lot to work through. Eating whole, natural foods can get a little expensive but look for co-ops in your neighborhoods or farmers markets that sell fresh produce for cheap. Because eating the same thing can get boring, make a meal plan for each week that way you can shake things up and avoid boredom. Use Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt to add flavor as well as health benefits to bland foods. Always stay hydrated. This will help you feel full as well as keeping your body functioning properly in digestion. Lastly, because most of the time you will be eating only fruits and veggies be sure to find an all natural protein powder to give you an extra boost. I suggest a pea protein or Vega brand protein.

I wish nothing but success on your journey towards seeking God and a renewing of your faith, body and mind.


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