Go For It!

Happy Friday Ladiesss!

This has been the best week of 2017 for me. 1.) My birthday is on Sunday and God willing I will see twenty-five incredibly blessed years of life! (praise break) 2.) I got a new job after not having one for almost 3 months. 3.) I STARTED MY OWN BUSINESS!!!!!! (second praise break)

Now this post is by no means a plug for my business…I might not even tell y’all what….NOPE YALL GON SEE WHAT GOD HAS DONE! Anyway! As you all know I am a personal trainer. I got to this point in my life when God told me to get into healthcare. I thought I was supposed to go into nursing so I took a Certified Nursing Assitant course in high school. I majored in nursing in my first two years of college while working in a hospital. After a while I started to see how little I could really help these people. When I transferred to Salisbury Univeristy (GO GULLS!), God showed me (in the most brutal way but so protecting) that I was to help people in a different area of health; preventative healthcare.

Almost, what seemed like, 75% of the students at Salisbury were Exercise Science majors. My advisor explained the major to me and I automatically knew that was the major for me. I knew that my path was to teach people the ins and outs of their bodies, what health issues we can acquire as well as how to avoid them with exercise and healthy lifestyles. After working at two gyms I realized that gyms claim to want you to focus on your clients and blah blah blah….they really only care about getting their money and I just can’t deal with that. God placed it on my heart to start my own business and when I say placed it on my heart I mean wake me up at 5 am with a name for it. Relief Fitness is my baby and I can not wait to get started on this journey to my dreams.

I am writing this post to encourage you to get close to God if you do not know what to do in life or if you’re waiting for a response, to be patient. I encourage you to go after your wildest dreams. I cant even begin to tell you the literal FLOOD of ideas he has placed in my heart and mind. I literally keep pen and paper around me at all times to write it all down lol. Now I can’t tell you that you’re going to be successful. My business has been posted on social media outlets for a few days and I’m not a millionaire…yet….BUT I know that God will provide if I put in the work.

Keep pushing. Keep grinding. Keep praying.


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