Friend’s Dreams Matter.

morning queens!

Let me first say that I apologize for not posting as I should. It’s so easy to remember but so easy to forget and when life gets hectic I barely remember to breathe. That’s no excuse.

Jessica (the lovely EIC of dis here blog ting) and I have been best friends since we were in the 7th grade. She’s literally the only person I have that’s a true friend. Willing to talk me through anything, never misses a birthday (even comes with a gift!), and checks me when needed. Lately I’ve been thinking about what type of friend I wanted to be and how I could better show my support of her. “KEEP UP WITH YOUR POSTS FOOL!”, rang through my head.

In a world of fake hair, fake lashes, fake booties and more I never want to be a fake friend. Now I understand not posting on my best friends blog obviously doesn’t make me fake but I feel as though I’ve personally given fake support. I also feel as though because she is my best friend that her dreams are my dreams so why wouldn’t I help her succeed?

Success for black women is off the charts. We are the most educated people on the planet. We open our own businesses, become CEO’s and even stick it to the man like Maxine Waters. But what if we had just a little bit more support? A few more people that believed in our dreams? What if we actually donated to causes that mattered instead of spending the same money on a drink at a club? WHAT FREAKIN’ IF?!?!?

I’ve found that you have to make things priority. If something matters to you then it should be no issue making it a priority. When I’m thirsty my priority is to cure my thirst, no? So why can’t it be the same with supporting those and those things that matter?

I encourage you to ask your friends’ dreams are and see how you can support. I encourage you to give to causes that may change something in the black community or even your neighborhood. This world is so divisive and everyone is so quick to tear down and discredit so I encourage you to love, support, and help your fellow man, girl boss, church, community, etc.



4 thoughts on “Friend’s Dreams Matter.

  1. Stacey Gold says:

    Amen!!! Just Beautiful Bria! Thank you for this blog, I know it means a lot to your Best Friend and to ME!!!

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