When You’re Called to Lead

Hey Queens,

Today I’m going to be keeping it all the way real about being a leader. The joys, challenges, fears, roadblocks… I’m going to dig into everything. So lets get into it…

As many of you probably know, Redefine Woman didn’t start because I had the brilliant idea of building a community for women. It actually had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with my Heavenly Father. So let’s rewind…my blog used to be all about fashion, but things shifted last year. I began to feel lost and unfulfilled, and I couldn’t understand why. This was during a time when I had just became serious about my relationship with God. Before, I was sort of lukewarm. I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of living for God, especially because it had been so many years since I felt close to Him. But God always has a way of revealing purpose and taking us out of our comfort zones, and that’s exactly what he did on a random night in January 2016.

For weeks I had been praying about my purpose and what direction I should take my blog. Then one evening, I remember I was taking a nap, and was woken up. Immediately I was lead to motivational YouTube videos. I was watching Rob Hill Sr. and all of a sudden my eyes were led the the title of the video. He was speaking at some sort of conference called REDEFINE  something. I can’t remember the second word, but I heard the voice of God say “You’re going to change the name of your blog to Redefine Woman. You’ll be leading a community of women by empowering and encouraging them. You will focus on the things that really matter. Things that society no longer focuses on.” Then He started giving me tons of ideas, and told me that purple would be the color for the brand. I was completely in awe. I had never heard God speak so much and so clearly. But, I was elated. Finally, the feelings of frustration and confusion were gone in an instant. It hit me that this is what I was born to do. I was called to lead. Yes, little ol me.

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The excitement and passion grew within me, but you know it’s not real life unless the devil tries to diminish and destroy everything. Suddenly I was feeling doubt and fear. How am I going to lead? I’m not qualified to do this. But God kept pouring encouragement into my soul. He reminded me that he wouldn’t give me a vision if it wouldn’t come to pass. He actually reminded me of that this morning. I was in my head stressing about my web series, but God instantly checked me and told me that everything would work out because it was my calling.

Fast forward to about 15 months later… the blog is doing extremely well. We’ve grown in subscriptions and social media followers and we have hosted an event. Now we’re in the process of getting our first web series together. It’s been a joyous experience for the most part, but when there are challenges, baby there are CHALLENGES. I think the biggest challenge is being patient. Thankfully, God gifted me with a great deal of patience. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to blow up. Lets be real… when you lead a group of women, it can be very difficult; especially when their passion for the brand may not be on the same level as yours. This is MY baby so I’ll do anything to make sure we are putting our best foot forward. But on the other hand, my bloggers might get wrapped up in their own lives and put their responsibilities on the back burner. It grinds my gears, BUT God is helping me with living by the phrase “It is what it is.” Instead of getting frustrated every time the blog comes to a standstill, I shift my focus to the goal. I’m also learning how to stop taking things personally. How I uphold responsibility might not look like how someone else does. And who said that leadership was easy? It comes with the territory.

The second biggest challenge is juggling life as a whole. I have SO much going on at the moment. I work a full-time job, where I’m up at the crack of dawn Monday thru Friday, and then I’m a part of multiple ministries at church, I’m working on a web series, and then when you add social life, working out, and spending personal time with God, I’m swamped. At times it becomes overwhelming because for the most part I have to do everything by myself, but it’s worth it.

The third biggest challenge is not playing the comparison game. It’s so easy to compare your brand and ministry to someone else’s. You’ll end up asking yourself questions like “Why is their brand popping off more and faster than mine? They just started.” “How come we don’t have more IG followers?” “Why don’t people support us by coming to our events?” These questions will drive you crazy, but we have to understand something so simple… No one’s journey is the same. It might take 10 years for us to reach the level that one brand reached in a few months, but that doesn’t make us any less valuable. Plus, we live in world full of ratchet, so gossip sites and garbage forms of media are going to be more supported.

A few weeks ago, I was watching a video about leadership by Heather Lindsey and she compared leadership to Jesus and the twelve disciples. That really hit me. We as Christian leaders have disciples and our goal should be to lead them and encourage them towards Christ, and not to lead them astray. That’s why leadership is so fulfilling despite the pain, sweat, and tears.

If you’re called to be a leader, don’t run from it! I know it’s scary, but qualification comes from God. If he has called you, He will give you the will to carry it out!

Stay encouraged,



2 thoughts on “When You’re Called to Lead

  1. Izon Murphy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing today, often times I do not respond, that’s just me, but I want you and other’s to know that your blog is very REAL, UPLIFTING, AND INTERESTING.I always have felt that I was a leader, and always would step out and take the lead to make it happen. Years ago individuals would say she always think that she can do everything and no one else can do it better. I never stopped doing what I felt was my passion. (Willing Worker) So on that note your blog today and my walk, faith and strength that I have now put all the ingredients in place. So as you continue with your blog, remember this is your walk and no-one can talk that away from you. So today when you get a break, just listen on you-tube Mahalia Jackson Just A Closer Walk.
    God Bless
    Mrs. I. R. Murphy

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