Cycle for Your Soul!

Alright, I may be a little late to the game but this past weekend I had the opportunity to take my first Soul Cycle spin class. As I live in Maryland, I took my class at the Bethesda location.

Before attending the class, I created a class online and was promoted to call ahead in order to reserve my bike. I don’t really think that this was necessary but I was told to do so by a frequent visitor. I called and was able to book my bike without a problem.

I was a little late for my class so I was rushing to fill out the sheet they gave me. I didn’t get to really take in everything until after my class so we will talk about that later. They prompted new riders to come 15 minutes early to the class so that they could fit me for my bike. Obviously I got there way later although I was 2 minutes late for the class.

I was given special riding shoes (they clip into the pedals) and they held my stuff behind the desk (they have lockers but again, I got there late). An attendant walked me into the dark studio where the packed room was already getting in there warm up. To my surprise the attendant led me straight to my bike in the somewhat cramped room.

I automatically felt the strong energy as I hopped on my bike and clipped those pedals in.  The air felt as though the class before got a good workout in but it wasn’t the musty, overpowering stench of hard work so I knew it was clean. Tiffany was dead center of the room with a computer and control station two her right. There were candles in front of her and an upbeat techno smash up playing.

Tiffany’s is the most powerful thing. I think the instructors are trained to speak in this tone of voice that could probably motivate the dead to raise. It’s calming but electrifying. We started out by riding to the beat. You are never pressured to up the resistance but simply persuaded to “do something good for yourself” and to “show up for yourself”. Needless to say I cranked that baby up and gave it my all. Now don’t get me wrong, I did take a few small breaks as this was my first ride but I had a great sweat.

Tiffany lead us through seated riding and upright riding to challenge our legs, crunches while pedaling for our core, and leaning forward on the bars to give us some arm work. She prompted us through every movement and made sure we stayed on beat. Throughout the ride she gave the most empowering little speeches about how she wanted us to feel the work we were doing and to be proud of it and that we are capable to do such work. For the cool down she had us grab the weights underneath our seats and we did a series of arm exercises. After our ride she gave us a stretch, empowered us to spread the energy we got from the class, and thanked us. She was available to talk after class and she was so personable and cheerful.

Ok, now on to the atmosphere walking in. Like I expected a Saturday morning to be, it was a little packed. The building is small but bright white so it felt a little bigger to me. The bright yellow Soul Cycle logo is huge and energizing. There is a faint but prominent smell of grapefruit in the air and I found out that it’s a signature scent that they even sell in candle form. I think the refreshing citrus scent is perfect for a place that may smell like sweat without it. They sell Soul Cycle merchandise too like sports bras, hats, jackets and more.

Overall I had an amazing experience. I felt empowered while pushing myself to the limit and I hope that you do too. Your first class is $20 and it’s the best experience to have! I encourage you to try and I want to hear all about it!


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