Trendy Tuesday: Kriss Kross Will Make Ya Jump!

Remember that song? The young Christopher’s had the 90s jumping! But better yet, do you remember that video? I’m actually listening to the song as I write to you. They made those overalls (also known as jumpers) HOT! 
Yes ladies, that’s your second summer trend to follow. You’re probably like… wait at first you had me showing my shoulders, now I’m going back to grade school? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying!


I love overalls because they come in so many forms. You can go the pants route, the shorts route, or the dress route. Crazy right? Also you can “boy” it or “girl” it. There’s no one standard look. You have the “girlier” ones with prints such as flowers, and smiley faces. Here is my little cousin giving vibes at Afropunk 2016. I love how she paired the flowers in her jumper with the flowers in her hair. All my boho dreams were fulfilled with this one.

( @ammaassimah)

You can also go the corduroy route, which is one of my favorites. This gives me classy hipster feels. Remember corduroys dress nicely in mustards, greys, and burgundys. 


You can also go the jean shorts route. This look is great for all your festival dreams. Coachella? Afropunk? Bonaroo? This is the way you want to go. Cute, yet comfortable. You can pair this with flat sneakers, sandals, high tops. 


And then look at how this woman wore her overalls with the trend from last week!
I think one of the best things about overalls is that they are so inexpensive. Making a major debut in the 90s, you can find overalls in just about any thrift store for $4-20. That’s a steal for such a staple fashion item. Forever 21 and H&M are also two inexpensive stores where I stumbled upon these valuable pieces. As you can see overalls have so much versatility. I personally plan on getting a dress jumper, and a corduroy pair for work. 


Let us know how you plan to rock your overalls, and be sure to play Kriss Kross Jump while you swag it out!
Happy summer shopping!


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