Life is A Pottery Wheel.

IMG_1869Happy Good Friday Everyone!!!!

Hopefully you all have had a beautiful week. Today I want to talk about the pottery class that I took last weekend that I thoroughly enjoyed.

My mom purchased a groupon for a BYOB ceramics class for which four people could attend so my mother, grandmother, stepdad and myself attended. The class was in Historic Elicott City at a workshop/coffee shop/jewelry shop called ClayGround. It is a quaint little shop that is beautiful in all of its little qwerks.

We were taken through the back of the store and up a tight little stair case. Surrounded by clay works, we were taken to our classroom. There were people already behind their pottery wheels with excitement on their faces. We tied on our aprons and my mom poured the wine. We sat patiently as our instructor, whose name escapes me but she was excellent.

She showed us how to work the pedal that makes the platform, on which our clay sits, spin. She told us that it is our job to slow it down or speed it up because the pedal is not like that of a car’s pedal. She then instructed us to use the water and sponge to add moisture to the clay to help us mold it…..this is when the correlation between this funny little activity and life began to happened so stay with me.

As we are all spinning our wheels, our instructor says something to me that really hit my soul. She said,”when leveling out your clay apply pressure with your hands. Don’t allow for the clay to push you back and forth. Keep your ant and hand firm against it to mold it”. I was kind of taken aback by what she said and I looked around to see if anyone in the room had caught that life lesson (everybody was too focused lol).

As I continued molding my bowl I began to think about how much of what had happened to me, in my life, to push me back and forth. Why didn’t I stand firm? Why did I lean on my own understanding? Why didn’t I take no as a answer? As I reflected I was at such peace. This simple exercise with a few simple instructions really meant a lot to me and reminded me that you will have bumbs in life. Life will start out as a lump of clay and it is your responsibility to mold it into what you want. You will have God to help you mold it (water and sponge) and the pressure you apply will ultimately shape your life.

Remember to stand firm in your walk. Remember to allow God to lead you. Remember to love every ugly little bumb and remember to always stand back to see how far you’ve come.



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