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I have been on a fitness class wave lately because I get bored with my routine and want to shake things up. I stumbled upon Orangetheory Fitness a couple of months ago when I found out a friend of mine was the manager at the Olney location. I decided to check it out because the first class is free of charge and who can pass up on anything that’s free?

When I arrived, the front desk was very friendly and assisted me in filling out paperwork. They asked me a few health questions and then took me on a tour of the small facility. This place is very clean and organized. They have one main fitness studio, two bathrooms and two showers. After the short tour I was prompted to put on a heart rate monitor. When I did, the front desk associate told me that the whole purpose of the name and the objective of the class. With this heart rate monitor you are able to check your heart rate, calories burned and how hard you are working in the class. The heart rate monitors information is posted on a large tv screen inside the fitness studio, with your name, so that you are aware of your work. I loved this concept because the “orange theory” is to stay in the comfortable but hard orange zone. This zone is the best fat burning, high intensity strategy for exercise and let me tell you that orange zone is amazing. The screens are so motivating because you can see the colors change as you scale up or down with your effort.

There is also a fitness instructor in the room guiding the class. He splits the group up to either begin with cardio intervals or a weight lifting circuit. I chose the weight lifting first. This class was based on endurance that day so we did a lot of reps to keep our heart rates up. We did simple moves but I was exhausted lol. We did a full body circuit, which the instructor walked us through, but the best part was that after he explained it there was another tv screen to show you what to do even after he explained it. I know sometimes I forget what I’m doing or the instructions so they were conviently posted for all to see.

After doing 30 minutes of strength training/weight lifting my group headed to the treadmills. There is a chart of instructions and zones to be in but the instructor again explained what we were to do. There are three zones: Base, Push and All Out. The instructor takes us through a circuit of all three. Base is still work but it is not as much as Push and definitely not as much as All Out. There is a choice of Power Walking, Jogging and Running, each with a different Base, Push and All Out level. You have the freedom to push yourself as much as you want. I loved the freedom but organization that the class gave me as well as all of the sweat.

Needless to say the class kicked my butt because my endurance is trash. I don’t run or do cardio often even but I needed this push to get back to making it priority for my heart health. I loved this class because you really get to see where your hard works threshold is as well as how your body responds when you hit that threshold. It was an awesome experience with upbeat music and a super motivating instructor. The class honestly made me want to teach a class there!

I encourage you all to take a free class, change things up, and to really push yourself. A few of my favorite places that give out discounted or free classes are Soul Cycle, Orangetheory, 9Round Boxing, and PureBarre. Share your favorite classes below!




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