Summer is coming up and sadly the struggle is: “What do I do to my hair”? It would be easy to throw it up in a bun, but sometimes you want to show out. I’m here to tell you goddess braids are the move, especially for my natural sisters. I love goddess braids for a number of reasons.

1. Your hair is pulled back so you don’t have to worry about your hair touching you on that hot summer day

2. They’re chunky so they give the effect of fullness even for those with thin hair

3. They’re versatile. You can wear one or five, it’s up to you!

4. They are quick! You won’t dread getting your hair done when you do this style and you could do it in between appointments. 2 hours tops!

5. If you know how to keep your hair well, you can keep this style for a month!

6. It gives boho and 90’s vibes- the best of this summer’s fashion.

These braids are definitely show stoppers. Last month, I got 10 cornrows braided up into a ponytail and the complements that I got were endless! Two switch it up, I wore it in two buns sometimes

This weekend, I plan on getting the crown goddess braid for a formal event.

(Via Pinterest.com)

You can get goddess twists too! It’s all whatever vibe you’re going for, but regardless it will be beautiful.

(Via Pinterest.com)

You also can add embellishments to your goddess braids with flower headbands and gold accents.

(Via Pinterest.com)

How do you wear your goddess braids? Are you feeling this trend? Let us know!

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