Talk that Talk Thursday: Met Gala 2017

The Met Gala, also known as the Costume Institute Ball, is one of the biggest spring fashion events of the year. The purpose of the gala is to fundraise for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute in New York City. There is a theme every year– 2015 was China through the looking glass and 2013 was Punk: Chaos to Couture. This year’s theme was Avante Gard, and if you’re anything like me…you had to look that up. Avante gard means unusual, extraordinary, beyond, pushing the limits. Before knowing what his years theme was, I was like not feeling Rihanna’s outfit, but of course I was okay with it because well… she’s Rihanna! After knowing the theme, she nailed it! Rihanna had on a floral architectural Comme de Garçons dress while everyone else looked like they were going to prom…elegantly of course. The thing I love about Rihanna is that she’s knows her fashion and she is loyal to it. The bad gal may be a rebel in other areas, but she’s no rebel when it comes to the met life; she is the slayer!


Though Rihanna outdid her competition in terms of theme, there were some other ensembles that caught my eye and felt did good measures with the theme.

Cara Delevingne (
Rita Ora (via

Loving this futuristic hair on these two lovely ladies! 

Gigi Hadid (via

Loving this asymmetrical look on her!

Gigi Hadid (via

Then her baby sis showed us how to really push the limits!

Blake Lively (via

Intriguing till you see the bottom of her gown, then POW! Absolutely stunning!

Madonna (via

I love camo, but not in gown form. However, for this year’s theme, it defeinitely did the trick, especially with that leaf train. Thumbs up Madonna!

Chrissy Tiegen (via

Oh tease me Tiegy! Absolutely love her ensemble that perfectly compliments her husband’s. Fierce yet subtle with the white lace and flowers.

Kate Hundson (via

Now Kate just wore a one-shoulder white gown; not major right? But that hair! She definitely looked stunning and fierce.

Zendaya Coleman (via

Our favorite Disney star has the height to make the piece work; the gown, the hair, the attitude!

Nicki Minaj (via

This was my only ABSOLUTELY NOT for the night. Avante Gard, not Transylvania Nicki. Please don’t shoot me pink ladies.

Let us know what your favorite looks of the night were! And what would you wear if you went? Let’s have a discussion! 

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