Fasting As Your Weapon


I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day if you are a mom, and if you aren’t I hope you were able to spend the day with your leading lady.

I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for a few weeks now, but I’ve been too busy to actually sit down and type it. But today you’re in for a treat! So if you read my posts regularly, you know that I have no problem being transparent. Simply because I know my testimony and my experiences could help other women.

Let’s rewind to the last week of April which was a cringeworthy, stressful week. My father was in the hospital, I had tons of things going on with my web series and my personal life, and on top of that, Satan was really being a pest. He always seems to attack me when I’m distracted so he can catch me off guard, and boy was I caught off guard.

Mentally I was all over the place, so my alone time with God was slipping through the cracks, and that’s exactly when Satan decided to attack my mind with lustful thoughts. This wasn’t the occasional thought that I can usually pray away. It was strong and resistant. It literally felt like my flesh was rising up like a giant and challenging me to a WWE Smack-down! No matter how much I prayed, rebuked the devil, and tried my hardest to think godly thoughts, the lust wouldn’t go away. It was adamant about being satisfied. It was like a bully forcing me to feed my flesh. At this point I was fed up and distraught, but in the nick of time the Holy Spirit whispered “You need to fast.” It was such a gentle nudging. It was like God telling me what to do to fix the problem, but he was waiting for me to accept his advice.

So I decided to fast, but I was unsure what kind of fast I should do, and again the Holy Spirit said “How can you expect to defeat the enemy if you aren’t prepared because you’re always on social media.”

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Don’t you love it when God checks you? I know I do. I actually laugh because He’s always right and knows exactly how to get me to do what I should be doing. So, I decided to get off all social media so I was free from that distraction. I also reached out to one of my friends for prayer and I continued to pray for myself and talk to God about my struggle. There was also a time at work when I had some candy in my office and had the opportunity to eat it, but God stopped me and threw some more wisdom on me. He made me realize that food can be the direct equivalent to lustful desires. If I can dominate my flesh by choosing not to eat the candy (no matter how much my mouth is watering), my flesh will know that it has to fall in line and cease to my authority.

Once I was able to dominate my flesh, I was able to overcome those lustful thoughts. This experience showed me that we as Christians have to stop relying on prayer alone. Yes, prayer is powerful and changes things, but sometimes your flesh does not obey prayer. Sometimes your flesh can rise up and resist every rebuke you’ve given the devil. That’s when you have to make your body a LIVING sacrifice so that you can overcome.

Before I close, the Holy Spirit is leading me to encourage everyone who is reading this to use fasting as your weapon. Your flesh should not dominate you! You dominate your flesh, but in order to gain control, fasting is a great option. I’m not saying that sex and sexual desire is bad. It’s not at all. Both things were created by God, BUT there are rules to it. Just like society has rules like “You can’t get your license until age 16,” or “You can go into the armed forces at age 18;” God has specific rules when it comes to sex. It is meant to be done in marriage because of the power that is released through sex. I’ll do another blog post on soul ties and consequences of premarital sex, but for now I’ll leave it here… If you are a follower of Christ, you cannot pick and choose what works for your life. If God sacrificed his life, I think it shouldn’t be a question to honor him with our bodies.

XO, Jess

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