Gratitude, Dude.

I got hit by an emotional Mack truck this morning. For the past couple of weeks I have been feeling phenomenal. I was appreciating life so much. Every little thing, the air being warm or that I could see, was something incredible to me. I had shielded myself from so many negatuve thoughts that I had actually started to live the life that I actually imagined. On top of all of that….. Trump. Enough said.

Now on top of all of that I had begun to pray often and show gratitude towards the Lord. After being in such a bad head space before. So here I am thinking everything is great and somehow it felt as the devil got so irritated with my new positive lifestyle that this little demon somehow (witchcraft I’m sure) took control of my mind. I had taken on the feelings of someone else’s situation who is close to me. I screamed at them (in my head) to just freaking be grateful they weren’t in my low paying job and etc etc etc. I somehow just dropped everything I had worked so hard to build in myself ….Confidence and self acceptance.

Immediately I said “Bria get it together”. I literally went to the bathroom and smiled at myself in the mirror and said “I’m glad that I am where i am because when I get to where I want to be I’ll appreciate it. Thank you God” and walked out.

Gratitude, Dude. 🙂


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