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My current obsession has been locs… so much so that I’m about to get them. Locs also known as “dreads” or “dreadlocks” have always been around. In Hindu and Ancient Egyptian culture, people’s hair would automatically loc from not combing. However, Bob Marley unintentionally made them popular. Members of the Rastafarian religion are among the most popular to wear this “hairstyle” as their religion suggests that they don’t cut their hair. Mr. Marley being obedient to his religion locked his hair. But also, Mr. Marley being the influential icon he was started a revolution of locs. This hairstyle became popular in the United States in the 70s, then the 80s with Whoopi Goldberg. There are many methods to locking your hair, however, the process is the same. Essentially you are not combing your hair or cutting it. You let your hair mat and “bud” and the new growth from your scalp is added on the the “dead” hair (locs). 

As you may have noticed, I have only addressed this hair style as locs because that’s what it is. The term dreadlocks came from some individuals of the Caucasian ethnicity calling this hairstyle dreadful, thinking it was unkept, unclean, incited rebellion, amongst other things. The term stuck, however readers, I implore you call the hairstyle by the name it started as. There is nothing dreadful about this beautiful journey.

Many people love the aesthetic to locs but are fearful to get them because of the misconception that once you lock your hair, you can’t undo it. This is not completely true. If your hair has completely locked, then you can unlock your hair by using a pin or a similar object to undo your entangled strands. However, this takes time… actually a couple days project, that’s why some individuals just cut off their locs and restart their hair growth journey. But this is my take: hair is is hair! Unless you have an ailment that prevents you from growing your hair (i.e. Alopecia, cancer, or a genetic disease) then don’t worry about restarting; just consider it a new journey!

As engrossed as I am by locs, there are cons. Once you’ve had your locs for a while, they WILL become heavy and require more attention. Carelessness of your locs at a long length can result in receeding hairlines, or even the falling of your locs. There is also the build-up monster. Using several products, especially creamy or waxy, can cause build-up on your locs. Consequently, your strands will attract lint and require more shampoos. My suggestion is to go to a natural loctician who uses natural products and is gentle so that he/she may care for your tender tresses. 

If you’re thinking of locking your hair, there are several methods to do so. CurlyNuGrowth has the pros and cons of each.

Comb coils

Two strand twists




Faux locs/loc extensions

If you have locs, share your hair journey! Interested in getting locs like myself, let’s have a conversation!

Some of my favorite locked celebrities.
 90s Lenny Kravitz And his old flame Lisa Bonet

Halle and Chloe, Beyonce’s talented protégés 

The soulful Ledisi

And my all-time favorite Lauryn ‘L Boogie’ Hill

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