Cheat Meals: How To Enjoy Them Without the Guilt.

Good Morning Queens!

As Summer quickly approaches I hope that you have been working hard to show off that body and if not oh well. There’s always next summer lol. I am currently in my 6th week of an 8-week summer slimdown. I created a meal plan for myself as well as workouts that I do and so far I have lost around 10-12lbs (I got braids in the middle of it so it added some weight to the scale).

One thing that keeps me sane throughout this entire process is a cheat meal. Now as far as my meal plan goes, I track my macros. That means I track how many grams of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats I eat as well as Fiber (its important to poop!). I have a set number of grams for each as well as a total calorie intake to meet. With this meal plan I am able to eat what I want in order to hit these numbers.

Today was my cheat meal day and it just so happened that it was National Donut Day. I center the majority of my carbs around my workout so that my body can use them to fuel my workout and recovery instead of storing them. Today I had a small iced coffee and a free donut after my workout to celebrate my favorite day of the year. I killed leg day this morning too so the booty gains will ensue from those carbs lol.

I want people to understand that a cheat meal is just a cheat MEAL. Just one. If you have goals to meet, cheat meals are N O T cheat DAYS! In order to lose weight you have to be in a calorie deficit. Everyday your body burns calories no matter what; while you sleep, breathe, walk around the office, pee, ANYTHING! Adding exercise to that puts you in the negative even more. When you eat you will eat less calories than you burn all day long and with exercise. This is the formula for weight loss!

Let’s say you eat 1600 calories a day and burn 2000 a day. That’s 400 calories of deficit. A pound of body fat is about 3500 calories so following this calorie range would allow you to lose a lb of body weight in a little over 8 days. It will be different for every one and any progress is good progress so keep working.

Now this is where you get a little more free range with cheat meals. In my meal plan I have about 6 meals with 3 being snacks. I eat before the gym (usually just some fruit for quick digesting carbs for fuel), after the gym (to replenish the energy storage in my muscles and to recover), mid morning with nuts (slow digesting fats to keep me full til lunch), lunch (low carb as i have a desk job), mid afternoon protein shake to keep full til dinner, and dinner (some carbs, high protein and fat). I replace one of these meals with a cheat meal ONCE a week.

Counting macros allows me to add in treats while still meeting my goals. Cheat meals are just extra and glorious lol. It is ok to reward yourself. You are working hard for your goals and you deserve it. So eat that burger and those fries. Eat that donut (or doughnut…? Shout out to Dunkin’ for confusing the world lol) and be proud of all the hard work you are putting in.

If you have any questions about macro tracking or want to see it in action, feel free to comment or follow me on IG @brianichefit.

Happy Almost Summer!



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