Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I know it has been a long time! But we will talk about that another time: I just finished my quiet time and I had to share with you all.

So you are probably wondering what I mean by quiet time, well allow me to elaborate. Every morning I try (keyword: TRY) to spend time reading my Bible, and communing with God – my heavenly Father, through prayer.

I always start my prayer by thanking Him for who He is and how wonderful He is. Then I proceed to ask Him for things like keeping my family and me safe, among other things. Afterwards, I thank Him for answered prayers, seal it with an amen and go on with my day.

However, there are moments through out my day, when I feel the urge to pray.  An urge that lingers on and on. At times to me “the moment” doesn’t seem ideal or I already prayed this morning so why am I feeling this way?

This morning what I realized is that, our relationship with Christ can not be one-sided. When YOU are ready to pray, when YOU need something, when YOU need him. God loves to commune with us outside “our needs.” He longs to know our thoughts, even though He knows them already, He longs to know our hearts desires, even though He places them there. He longs to take us deeper in Him.


So I ask: Are you in sync with God? Do you hear Him when He speaks, when He calls, when He beckons?  Stop missing God’s calls because you never know how and when that moment with Him will change your day, week, month or even your entire life! He knows all that we need, even before we ask Him. I am realizing more and more that when God shows up for one thing, He feels you up with everything!

When you are in sync, God prepares you for situations ahead. I promise you “that moment” makes all the difference in the world when you are faced with a situation.

Stay in sync because prayer changes things!

Until next time,

Lady J.

3 thoughts on “Sync…

  1. bethanyk says:

    I am so glad you wrote this. For a long time every morning I read one passage from my bible. I actually sleep with my bible inmy bed,so I open it barely awake and like that the Word is the first thing i see. I have not been reading this past week. I have been working on something else. Praying at night for my enemies. I thought it would be harder than it is. I say their names and give them to GOd to save and it has been very…well I don’t know the word. But it is just a new form of connection to God

    • Lady J says:

      Hi Bethany, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my post. You know there is so much in God past our needs and wants and even though there is nothing wrong with that, He has given us the model to pray in the Lord’s prayer. In this model we are encouraged to pray for those who trespassed against us–therefore, praying for your enemies also has a place in our commune with God!

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