Luquillo-Beach-Puerto-Rico-BESTBEACHES0316Itsssss Fridayyyyyyy!!!!!

Ladies its the weekend, the weather is warm and summer is so close! For he past 8 weeks I have been hitting the gym consistently and eating a well balanced diet. In my last post I said I had lost 10-12lbs but after taking my braids out I got an accurate reading of 8.5lbs lost. Im not mad about that AT ALL because i look and feel soooo much better and THAT was the goal.

I wanted to get ready for my trip to Puerto Rico and it is right around the corner! I am so excited BUT BUT BUT…… I REFUSE TO UNDO ALL THE HARD WORK I PUT IN! I also want to be able to enjoy myself because after all it is vacation. So I want to share my tips on how to stay fit while enjoying your vacation!

Tip #1: Hydration – ladies its hot and if you go pretty much anywhere this summer it will also be hot. I am staying in an Airbnb and will be purchasing two big packages of bottled water for my 5 day, 4 night stay. I am used to drinking a gallon a day and if I even go an hour with out water I feel like SpongeBob in Sandy’s tank with no fishbowl (top 5 favorite episodes of SpongeBob). Water is essential for your bodily functions and so much more. For more, please read my article “Ok Ladies, Now Let’s Get In Hydration”.

Tip #2 Fiber/Eat Your Veggies – if you will be indulging during your vacation (in moderation of course) you are going to want make sure you are pooping. Yea yea I don’t care if it sounds gross but trust me, I have been on countless vacations where I feel like theres a brick in my stomach from not pooping. You will be able to clear out your system, prevent bloating, and stay fuller longer. I will be bringing protein bars with me. My favorite protein bars have 10g of fiber per bar and its a perfect little treat for breakfast as well (I’m traveling with my boyfriend and his male friends so I doubt they wake up before breakfast lol). When eating out ALWAYS ask for a side of something green!

one*these bars are bomb! they have so many flavors like glazed maple donut, birthday cake and cinnamon roll but this is my favorite. One bars don’t even taste like protein bars. You can find them at Vitamin Shoppe.*

Tip #3 Get Moving – “But Bria, its vacation and I don’t want to go to the gym”. Girl I didn’t even say go to the gym so stop the madness lol I will be doing an “In-Hotel” Workout that you can do for 15-20 minutes tops. I will share that next week to get you ladies ready. My boyfriend was in charge of choosing the activities for this trip because we will be celebrating his birthday. PR is home to the one and only El Yunque National Rainforest, the only national park in the US National Park System classified as a rainforest. My boyfriend chose to go hiking in the forest (10 mile hike both ways for 4 hours pray for me). Choose activities that are active. Snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, hiking, beach volleyball, walking the city streets, etc all are perfect examples to help you burn off the extra calories.

Tip #4 Treat Yo Self!….in moderation – this is vacation and I want you to enjoy it. one of the main things that is important to any fitness journey is regeneration. Giving the body a break to relax is necessary. While on vacation I plan on eating whatever I want. I know that certain foods will make me feel like crap so I won’t be eating too much of them. Ill get ice cream but not a ridiculous amount. I may grab a burger but with a side salad. I will be drinking alcohol but will definitely be staying hydrated. My point here is to know your limits. You’ve worked out for this trip or you’ve eaten a certain way before this trip and if you eat more than you’re used to your body might freak out. Don’t over do it on vacation. Eat like you normally would but enjoy yourself also. Get that cheesecake at dinner and split it with someone! Moderation is key!

With these tips you will come home without that groggy “back to normal life” feeling and wouldn’t have undone your vacation body. Remember to get right back on track with water intake, exercise and eating clean. You’ll thank yourself for it!

Happy Vacationnnn!


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