Sneak Freak!

Hi ladies. Sorry I feel off, but I’m back! I promised you a trend every week until the beginning of summer. Summer officially starts tomorrow, but I still have two more trends for you. Today, we’re going to be talking about sneakers. I’m not a “sneakerhead”, but I do appreciate a good pair. I love sneakers for the summer for multiple reasons. 1) versatile outside of your professional attire 2) great for when your toes aren’t done 3) customizable

1. Versatile outside of your professional attire
You’ve been working all week wearing your slacks, your dresses, your heels. But it’s Friday, and you’re going out with your girls, or bae and would like to be free. Sneakers are perfect to do this. You could wear some sneakers with a bodycon dress for sheer simplicity.


2. Great for when your toes aren’t done

I know we all love a good pair of sandals for the summer especially since it’s hot and we don’t want anything touching our bodies, but this is where you can opt for a pair of flat sneakers, especially if your toes are a little less than par OR you simply just want to change it up. You won’t be as warm and they’re not clunky. They have a softer look to them so if you’re a girl-girl, this is perfect for you. I also love flat sneakers for the variety of print that you can otherwise not pull off in a pair of Jordan’s. You can wear flat sneakers with anything.


3. Customizable

I have my own quibbles about technology, but when it comes to an outlet for creativity, I’m all about it. Several top selling sneaker brands now allow you to customize your sneakers to your swag… all online! From the sole of the shoe, to the color of the laces, it’s all you! I personally plan to customize a pair pf Reeboks fairly soon! This way you can set tone for what you’re going for or what would be perfect for your closet


I know I have some authentic sneaker freaks out here, so please drop your wisdom on how to swag it out with some dope sneakers this summer!



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