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Hey y’all, hope you’re enjoying summer so far! My last summer post is not a trend, but a lifestyle… have fun! Life is too short and full of opportunity. I know we live busy lives, between work, school, responsibilities/extra curriculars; some of us may have children, or are taking care of parents. And we know we can’t abandon these responsibilities, but we can have fun before we’re burnt out, resentful, and bitter. What better time than summer when the sun is beaming and the opportunities are bountiful!

1. Self- love day (Make time for YOURSELF)

Something that has helped me and a close friend encouraged me with is to set a day for yourself. She has the entire Thursday for self-love. Her schedule is a bit more flexible, but for me I can’t have an entire day, but I can have an entire couple of hours to do stuff that I like… just me. Now, I’m an introvert so that comes naturally anyway. But some of you are extroverts and get energy from people. But regardless of your innate nature…you need time for yourself, to reflect on your goals, your dreams, how you want to grow, and how you can better take care of yourself. Here are some things you can do on your self-love days


-Watch a movie



-Read a book


-Try a new recipe

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2. Be BOLD (Don’t be afraid)

How many of us have looked at something online or heard that a friend did something that was always intriguing to us? But we never did it because of fear or because it was too much money, or whatever the case may be? If you want to do it and don’t have the money, save up for it each paycheck. But don’t let fear be an excuse! Make a bucket list, price it, and don’t be discouraged or fearful!

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3. The places you’ll go (Travel)

To all my readers (those with children, parental responsibilities, or those with just a rack of student debt), get out and travel. Don’t miss out on the world because you felt you didn’t deserve to experience it. This vast world is for the taking. Saving and planning is essential. If you have children, talk to a great friend/family member way in advance to be that babysitter- same for those with parental responsibilities. Budget your travel accordingly. Here are some tips for a great trip

-Opt for an Airbnb instead of a hotel as it’s typically cheaper and has better amenities

-Bring a good friend, your homie, double the fun and half the cost!

-Research other attractions that are nearby so you can kill a couple of birds with one stone

-Be free. Even if something wasn’t in the itinerary, who cares! Exploration is supposed to be spontaneous.

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The Joy of Nativity (You can have fun right in your backyard or down the street)

Make it your goal to find out what’s in your city. I live in between Baltimore City and Washington, DC which is perfect. I’m 24 years young and have so much to explore between the two “city-states” and a lot of times, is absolutely free. Here are some things I like to do/would like to do in my area and you could do the same in yours!

-Monuments and Museums (you could go to historical sites in your city)

-Food truck festivals/restaurant week (every city has its famous foods)

-Indoor & Outdoor Concerts- I’m a HUGE music fan (find your local outdoor concerts and be sure to visit an artist you always dreamed of seeing if they happen to make it to your city)

-Thrift stores- fashion for less and it’s warm outside!

-Outdoor/drive-in movies- this will give you all the feels of a summer night and you can bring your own snacks!

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No matter what you do, have fun, be bold, and be spontaneous.

Enjoy your summer!


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