The Get Back.


Happy Friday Queens!!

It’s been a little while since coming back from my trip (it was so much fun) and I’ve given myself a little break as far as a super hard routine. It dawned on me that I should give tips on how to get back on track after vacation so here it is.


Im sorry but the vacation is over. Time to put away the bikini and get back to the grind so we can look bomb for the next vacation!

2. Give yourself a break.

Take a break and allow the transition back home to settle. Unpack, do laundry, etc. Just relax a bit. If you want to jump back into fitness immediately (more power to you!), we will talk about that soon.

3. Go grocery shopping.

Fill up the fridge with veggies, lean protein, and grab and go snacks. Keep your meals simple so that as you get back into the work week and workout routine, you’re not burdened by complicated meals. Be sure to meal prep and keep it easy!

4. Drink water.

Get back into drinking the amount you were. You can jump right in or add a little more to each day to get back.

5. Get moving.

Make a plan/routine for your workouts for the week or just do some light cardio to get moving again. If you do ease back in slowly, be sure to add a little more intensity each day.


Keep Grinding!


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