The Angry Co-Worker

So Im pretty sure everyone has that one coworker that is just always angry!! That person that just comes to work angry and makes everyone elses day miserable. Unfortunately a coworker like this makes the day drag!! The funny part though is that everyone is happy when that coworker leaves early for the day or is off. Guess what…there are plenty of ways to get thru the day with the ANGRY COWORKER!! LOL…First of all your headphones will be your best friend…never leave home without them!! Funny thing is you can have them in your ears and not even be listening to anything. Next is turn their negativity into positivity..engage them in uplifting conversations!! Needless to say your day doesn’t have to be a drag and you can turn that angry coworker into a happy one and hopefully you aren’t the ANGRY COWORKER!! Word to the wise if you are that angry coworker turn that frown upside down and have a GREAT day at work!!


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