My 31 Day Challenge

Lately I’ve been really stressed and overwhelmed. And even with getting enough sleep and taking my vitamins, my energy levels have been low. Instead of embracing the obstacles that God has helped me to overcome, I’ve allowed my circumstances to get the best of me. My stress has been showing in how I look, how I feel, and in how I talk. One of my friends recently asked me “Is anything positive going on for you right now?” At first I was salty because I just wanted to complain lol. But I’m happy she woke me up because I didn’t realize how negative I’ve been sounding.

So, I decided to start a 31 Day Challenge. For the next month I will re-dedicate myself to speaking positive over my life and situations, reclaiming God’s purpose for my life, and re-activating my faith to accomplish all things God has encouraged me to do.

Whenever I’m feeling unmotivated or really stressed, one of my favorite/go-to devotionals is “I DECLARE” by Joel Osteen. I bought this book about 4 or 5 years ago, but always find my way back to it. It’s broken into thirty-one day-by-day sections. The readings for each day are short (making it easy for me to read) but are so powerful and inspiring. There are also short stories behind each day’s declaration that helps to make the declaration more real.

Here is Day One; I hope this speaks to you in the same ways it speaks to me!






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