Only on God’s Time

Good Morning Sisters,

Is it just me or does God’s timing sometimes frustrate you? I’m going to keep it a thou-wow… in my flesh I want things to manifest on MY time. I don’t want to wait for God’s divine order. I want it and I want it NOW LOL; especially when things are so close I can almost grasp it.

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I’ve really been struggling in this area of my relationship with God lately. I know He’s super annoyed with me because I keep trying to somehow speed up the time to receive what he has promised me. No matter how much I tug and pull, nothing is budging. And almost everyday I’m reminded that this thing will NOT happen until God’s perfect time. I’ve been trying to come up with a cheat code and take a short cuts and every single time God is like “NOPE,” “I TOLD YOU SO,” “SEE!” I think I finally have learned my lesson though. I’m just going to let God do his thing. It’s so difficult though because God keeps revealing more and more about the future to me and I’m sitting here wondering if this will come to pass like next week or next year. Either way, I do trust God. I’m just a selfish human that would rather not wait.

Who else doesn’t want to wait at times? I’d rather just be surprised by God instead of knowing exactly is going to happen without knowing WHEN it will happen. I guess that’s the control freak in me. So pray for me! That I will trust God’s timing. I already trust his plan, but his timing… not so much LOL.

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