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Queen to Queen let’s talk about accountability partners. First, do you know what an accountabilty partner is? If not, I got you! An accountability partner is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a person or people that hold you accountable for your actions. They are people you can go to when you need prayer or need to vent. They are the people to help you stay on track when you’re ready to throw in the towel.

Now I know most of the time we hear this term it’s in regard to living a celibate lifestyle, but accountability partners can also be there to push you to reach career, financial, and life goals in general. Do you have one? You might want one, because let’s be real, staying committed to a task and goals can be challenging. Honestly, I consider all my friends to be accountabilty partners that keep me going in different ways. All of them push me to keep going when times get rough, but I only have a select few that I go to about lustful struggles. Not all of my friends are celibate so I only go to the ones that are when I struggle with going on two and a half years of absolutely no sex. Not even a kiss LOL.

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It’s rough in these streets and quite honestly, there are some days I just want to ride like a 10-speed bike if you catch my drift.

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Those are the times I hit up my celibate girls and ask them to pray for me. No shade but the ones who aren’t living the same lifestyle cannot offer me any advice because they can’t relate. This is why it’s so important to analyze your circle closely. Are these women a positive influence in your life? Are they separating you from God or pulling you close to Him? Do they give you sound or detrimental advice? Really think about that.

I’m not saying that your friends have to be perfect, but there has to be commonality. If you are trying to lead a celibate lifestyle, it wouldn’t be smart to only hang around women who party, drink, and have tons of sex. It just doesn’t make sense. You might not follow suit, but you’ll definitely be even more tempted. Also, it just makes you look gulity by association. If you are a woman after God’s heart, hang around like-minded women that can build you up.

Your circle is a representation of you and is the closest thing to you so why would you hang around trash? No, I don’t agree with every single thing my friends do or say, but at the source, they are amazing people who have genuine hearts and are always there for me. They also ALL have goals. I don’t hang with bums. All my girls are intelligent, educated, and just all-around good people. You should feel the same about your squad. If your friends can’t check you when you’re wrong, you’re hanging with yes women. Just like our parents want what’s best for us, our friends should too. And when we’re slacking or trippin, there should be an openess between you.

The main point is to choose accountability partners that are actually going to hold you accountable no matter what area in life you need a little extra push in. If you struggle with money management, find a friend or colleague that you trust to help you budget, save, and frequently checks on your progress. You don’t have to do everything on your own. We all need help!

Do you have an accountabilty partner? If so, what do they hold you accountable for?

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