The Power of Discernment

Happy Wednesday Queens!

How is your month going so far? I hope it has been filled with joy and happiness! Today I want to talk about discernment. I touched on this topic a few months ago and also in my eBook (click here to purchase), but I want to expand upon my thoughts.

So first, what is discernment? Well according to good ol Google, discernment is perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding. Still confused? Basically, it means that you have the ability to judge well. So for example, you might be able to read people as soon as you meet them. For the most part, I have this ability. The Holy Spirit will tell me certain things upon meeting new people so I know whether or not to do business with them or allow them into my life.

Discernment is a gift that can save you from wasted time and regrets. Trust me. Just recently my discernment kicked in and it saved me from expectations that were not reached. When you are in tune with the Holy Spirit, God will tell you everything you want to know and even the tough pills that are hard to swallow. In the recent situation, a young man revealed that he was interested in me. In the past, I would’ve jumped higher than Michael Jordan in Space Jam, but this time I was still and quiet so I could hear God’s voice. At this point in my life, I’d rather be alone than to entertain someone who is not God-sent. I prayed everyday for about three days that God would reveal the character of the man or present something obvious to show me that he wasn’t the one, and BOOM there it was in less than a week. I was thinking, “Dang God, you’re quick!” And I was extremely thankful that I didn’t waste my time. It’s not that the man is a horrible person, he’s just not who God has called me to be with, and it was made completely clear when he stopped responding to my text messages. I don’t beg any man for attention or validation, and neither should you. We are Queens and should be treated as such.

But Jess how can I become more discerning? It’s simple. Ask God for the gift. But you have to be willing to accept what comes along with it as well. God will keep it a stack with you and he won’t spare your feelings. So if you’re not ready to give up that man you love, those friends you cannot live without, or that business opportunity that will give you all the benjamins, don’t ask for the gift. I will also say that you must be intentional about your relationship with God. You can’t receive the gift of discernment if your mind is always cluttered and distracted. Pray regularly, read your word, journal, go to church. Really build a true relationship with God, because you won’t be able to decipher God’s voice from Satan’s.

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