Take Care of Me…

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s been a long time I shouldn’t have left you, left you  without a dope beat to step to, step to…corny I know! But I pray you are all well.

First, let me apologize for my absence, when life happened it happened.

It’s funny how we can constantly tell others that it’s okay and things will be better but never truly believe those words until something happens to us… Let me explain.

December 2016 ended with a devastating loss for me. My family tried to encourage me and I was trying to convince myself that “yes I’m okay!” without actually dealing with my feelings. This, my friends was not a good idea at all!

I was trying to stay strong in my faith but to be quite honest I struggled. It was hard for me to encourage anybody when I wasn’t encouraged, I wasn’t happy, and I wasn’t positive. I was embarrassed, I was sad, and I was angry. I had nothing to give anybody because I had nothing to give myself. I felt like I had let myself down.

I still had obligations and other commitments, and I felt bad that I couldn’t do or give my best.  But, that’s when my mother reminded me, it is okay to take time to take care of yourself. Taking care of your self is essential for YOU and those around you!

Here are a few steps that helped me during my low moment:

 1. Speak the Word!

The word of God is alive and living. When you read and speak God’s promises over yourself it’s like a seed that is planted, watered, and grows. The fruit of those seeds are His peace, His joy, His strength, His love and so much more.

2. Misery loves company, but you shouldn’t!

Watch who you surround yourself with during this time, this can make all the difference in the world. They can either keep you down or lift you up. Positive vibes only remember that!!

3. Just do it!

Research has shown that exercise or any other physical activity aids in decreasing depression. So get out there!  Zumba, yoga, weight training, whatever it is,  get moving and release those feel-good brain chemicals!

4. Don’t be so hard!

Do not be so hard on yourself. Life happens but don’t allow it to break you. Work through what you are feeling, allow your self to be sad, and angry but then pick yourself back up. You may be down for the count but don’t be counted out!


So until next time, take care of yourself and don’t feel guilty! You deserve your best SELF!!

Lady J.


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I know it has been a long time! But we will talk about that another time: I just finished my quiet time and I had to share with you all.

So you are probably wondering what I mean by quiet time, well allow me to elaborate. Every morning I try (keyword: TRY) to spend time reading my Bible, and communing with God – my heavenly Father, through prayer.

I always start my prayer by thanking Him for who He is and how wonderful He is. Then I proceed to ask Him for things like keeping my family and me safe, among other things. Afterwards, I thank Him for answered prayers, seal it with an amen and go on with my day.

However, there are moments through out my day, when I feel the urge to pray.  An urge that lingers on and on. At times to me “the moment” doesn’t seem ideal or I already prayed this morning so why am I feeling this way?

This morning what I realized is that, our relationship with Christ can not be one-sided. When YOU are ready to pray, when YOU need something, when YOU need him. God loves to commune with us outside “our needs.” He longs to know our thoughts, even though He knows them already, He longs to know our hearts desires, even though He places them there. He longs to take us deeper in Him.


So I ask: Are you in sync with God? Do you hear Him when He speaks, when He calls, when He beckons?  Stop missing God’s calls because you never know how and when that moment with Him will change your day, week, month or even your entire life! He knows all that we need, even before we ask Him. I am realizing more and more that when God shows up for one thing, He feels you up with everything!

When you are in sync, God prepares you for situations ahead. I promise you “that moment” makes all the difference in the world when you are faced with a situation.

Stay in sync because prayer changes things!

Until next time,

Lady J.

“But Are you Whole…?”

Hey ladies & gents,

It feels so good to be back blogging again. I definitely missed you guys!

Alright!  So we all know that Valentine’s day is next week and if you are in a relationship this must be an exciting or expensive time for you and your partner. If you are single, this may  be an annoying, sad, awkward but mostly sad time for you. 

Isn’t funny how you are never truly aware of your singleness until hallmark holidays like Valentine’s day come rolling around? I was on the phone with one of my very good friends who was complaining about how she’s going to be spending another Valentine’s day alone and how she cannot wait to finally find somebody she can share herself with!

 Honestly,  the entire time she was talking, all I could think about were the obvious things she needed to work on for HERSELF before she can even share herself with another person. 

Let’s be frank  with each other for a second. We can desire to want to share ourselves with others and there’s nothing wrong with that. Because our Creator saw that it wasn’t good for man to be alone.  But the real question is, are you whole? 

How can you give of yourself when you are missing pieces? How can you give something that you haven’t even received or experienced?  It’s one thing to desire a companionship and another to be actually prepared for one.

A lot of times we enter into relationships with so much stuff, thinking that having someone to share and work through our stuff with will make things better. But nobody wants to be your baggage handler–especially if they also have stuff they are trying to work through. Then the whole relationship is a mess, doesn’t work out and we blame it on each other.

If people would just be honest with themselves, do a little soul search and get themselves together, most relationships would not fail. You can not give something you don’t have!

Take care of yourself. Ask God to shine a light on your hurt places and allow Him to heal those broken pieces and places.  Have your own life. Take yourself out on dates. Focus on your career and profession. Better yourself. Make friends. Travel. Be honest with yourself. Be the better version of yourself. Enjoy your own company. Be your own happiness. Be whole.

When  you are able to be all these things for yourself,  then you are able to share it with someone else, who you are sure has put in work into making their lives whole. Your wholeness will complete each other!

Please share other suggestions below and let’s have a conversation about how we can be the right person for ourselves first, and then others.

Until next time,

Lady J.

And He is Good…

Hey Ladies and Gents,

I can not believe we are in the last month of the year! I don’t know about you but 2016 was very interesting to say the least. I don’t know about you but my faith was definitely tested this year!

At times it is easier to say we trust God, but when trials and tribulations come our way, our actions prove otherwise! I don’t know if you have children or have ever been around them,  but they are one of the most trusting people you will ever meet in life.

One of my favorite things to do with young children, although it’s not advised, is throwing them mid-air and catching up. I realized that the younger the child, the more trusting, fearless and peaceful they appear to be in the air. It seems like they are actually enjoying themselves. I realized they are not concerned or even aware of the possibility of falling, not being caught or  sustaining injuries. Their focus is on the one who threw them up in the air and their excitement  and peace comes from their trust in the one who is going to catch them. However, older children don’t seem to enjoy this game. The older they get the more they become aware of the SAME possible dangers that has always been there. And instead of focusing on the one who will catch them, their focus shifts to the dangers around them.

The Holy Spirit reminded me that many of us are like the older children. When we first come to Christ our faith and trust in him is fearless and peaceful, but as we grow in Him and the storms of life rages we become aware of the same dangers that has always been and we forsake the childlike faith we once had.

Recently, one of my favorite ministers, Ashley Gray, published her first book And He is Good.  This book encourages, challenges, and reminds us of the childlike faith we once had and how to cultivate it back!

So I encourage you to get this book and remind yourself of the faith you once had and how to build upon it! A link to purchase the book will be down below.

So until next time, grow in your faith and be encouraged!

Lady J.



“Seek God, Not Vessels!”

I recently attended an event that really rubbed me the wrong way. I felt very uncomfortable being there so I didn’t stay long and decided to leave. As time went on, I was still pondering on why i felt so uncomfortable. I asked God if my overly “cautious nature” had prevented me from participating in something unique? And boy, did He answer me!

The Holy Spirit, the sweet gentle spirit that He is, answered me in a still small voice saying “there is nothing wrong with being careful. In fact I’m glad you were careful. However, your uneasiness did not come from the event but from the attitude of those who were there.” This realization took me back a bit but I knew He was right.

Some of the young people who attended this event were so eager to hear what a “man” had to say and not what God had to say through a “man.” Some came with the expectation of what the man of God was going to say about them. They were more in love with the idea of a prophesy than the divine revelation being spoken and established in the spirit realm.

As we continued our conversation, the Holy Spirit said to me “my children are becoming more interested in my vessels than seeking me for themselves. If a certain man or woman of God doesn’t prophesy over their situation then they feel like they won’t overcome. Like my power and my authority is dependent on the vessel! So you were right to feel uneasy and uncomfortable because you recognized that the people who were there had the wrong hunger for the wrong person.”

This shook me to my core and I was disappointed for our Father. That we would seek vessels and not Him–The one who was and still is!

So today I encourage you to seek God and not vessels!  There is nothing wrong with having a favorite preacher, prophet, and evangelist– we all have one! But don’t let what they carry deter you from seeking the one who gave it to them. God has promised us in His word that if we search for Him with all our heart and soul we will find Him! (Deuteronomy 4:29)

Therefore, long for Him, thirst for Him,  and hunger for Him! Seek God and not vessels!

Until next time,

Lady J.