Have Fun!

Hey y’all, hope you’re enjoying summer so far! My last summer post is not a trend, but a lifestyle… have fun! Life is too short and full of opportunity. I know we live busy lives, between work, school, responsibilities/extra curriculars; some of us may have children, or are taking care of parents. And we know we can’t abandon these responsibilities, but we can have fun before we’re burnt out, resentful, and bitter. What better time than summer when the sun is beaming and the opportunities are bountiful!

1. Self- love day (Make time for YOURSELF)

Something that has helped me and a close friend encouraged me with is to set a day for yourself. She has the entire Thursday for self-love. Her schedule is a bit more flexible, but for me I can’t have an entire day, but I can have an entire couple of hours to do stuff that I like… just me. Now, I’m an introvert so that comes naturally anyway. But some of you are extroverts and get energy from people. But regardless of your innate nature…you need time for yourself, to reflect on your goals, your dreams, how you want to grow, and how you can better take care of yourself. Here are some things you can do on your self-love days


-Watch a movie



-Read a book


-Try a new recipe

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2. Be BOLD (Don’t be afraid)

How many of us have looked at something online or heard that a friend did something that was always intriguing to us? But we never did it because of fear or because it was too much money, or whatever the case may be? If you want to do it and don’t have the money, save up for it each paycheck. But don’t let fear be an excuse! Make a bucket list, price it, and don’t be discouraged or fearful!

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3. The places you’ll go (Travel)

To all my readers (those with children, parental responsibilities, or those with just a rack of student debt), get out and travel. Don’t miss out on the world because you felt you didn’t deserve to experience it. This vast world is for the taking. Saving and planning is essential. If you have children, talk to a great friend/family member way in advance to be that babysitter- same for those with parental responsibilities. Budget your travel accordingly. Here are some tips for a great trip

-Opt for an Airbnb instead of a hotel as it’s typically cheaper and has better amenities

-Bring a good friend, your homie, double the fun and half the cost!

-Research other attractions that are nearby so you can kill a couple of birds with one stone

-Be free. Even if something wasn’t in the itinerary, who cares! Exploration is supposed to be spontaneous.

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The Joy of Nativity (You can have fun right in your backyard or down the street)

Make it your goal to find out what’s in your city. I live in between Baltimore City and Washington, DC which is perfect. I’m 24 years young and have so much to explore between the two “city-states” and a lot of times, is absolutely free. Here are some things I like to do/would like to do in my area and you could do the same in yours!

-Monuments and Museums (you could go to historical sites in your city)

-Food truck festivals/restaurant week (every city has its famous foods)

-Indoor & Outdoor Concerts- I’m a HUGE music fan (find your local outdoor concerts and be sure to visit an artist you always dreamed of seeing if they happen to make it to your city)

-Thrift stores- fashion for less and it’s warm outside!

-Outdoor/drive-in movies- this will give you all the feels of a summer night and you can bring your own snacks!

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No matter what you do, have fun, be bold, and be spontaneous.

Enjoy your summer!


Sneak Freak!

Hi ladies. Sorry I feel off, but I’m back! I promised you a trend every week until the beginning of summer. Summer officially starts tomorrow, but I still have two more trends for you. Today, we’re going to be talking about sneakers. I’m not a “sneakerhead”, but I do appreciate a good pair. I love sneakers for the summer for multiple reasons. 1) versatile outside of your professional attire 2) great for when your toes aren’t done 3) customizable

1. Versatile outside of your professional attire
You’ve been working all week wearing your slacks, your dresses, your heels. But it’s Friday, and you’re going out with your girls, or bae and would like to be free. Sneakers are perfect to do this. You could wear some sneakers with a bodycon dress for sheer simplicity.


2. Great for when your toes aren’t done

I know we all love a good pair of sandals for the summer especially since it’s hot and we don’t want anything touching our bodies, but this is where you can opt for a pair of flat sneakers, especially if your toes are a little less than par OR you simply just want to change it up. You won’t be as warm and they’re not clunky. They have a softer look to them so if you’re a girl-girl, this is perfect for you. I also love flat sneakers for the variety of print that you can otherwise not pull off in a pair of Jordan’s. You can wear flat sneakers with anything.


3. Customizable

I have my own quibbles about technology, but when it comes to an outlet for creativity, I’m all about it. Several top selling sneaker brands now allow you to customize your sneakers to your swag… all online! From the sole of the shoe, to the color of the laces, it’s all you! I personally plan to customize a pair pf Reeboks fairly soon! This way you can set tone for what you’re going for or what would be perfect for your closet


I know I have some authentic sneaker freaks out here, so please drop your wisdom on how to swag it out with some dope sneakers this summer!



The Professional Chronicles: Summer 2017!

Too all my yo-pros (young professionals) and my seasoned sisters, you can be fashionable any profession and any time of year! As part of the summer trends series, I’d like to touch on professional, fashionable clothing! I dont work in a PR firm or a the fashion industry, but in IT, with a bunch of computers and a bunch of men! But that doesn’t stop me from looking my best. When I look my best, I feel great. When I feel great, I’m encouraged to put out my best product. 

I love wearing high waisted clothing! In fact, I’ve worn high waisted bottoms this entire week. Monday I wore black high waisted pants that zipped on the side, a blue and white pin-striped button down, and a black blazer. Tuesday I wore a simple scoop neck white tee, with a high waisted pencil skirt and a cardigan. Today I am wearing a body suit and high waisted parachute slacks. High waist is flattering & trending!

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I also love chunky heels for work. You can wear chunky heels with almost any artifact of clothing, but they epsically look good with skinny-leg slacks. My only desire is that your chunky heels are not loud-colored. That would draw too much attention!

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Blazers are amazing, especially for this unpredictable weather. It’s the perfect piece to dress your outfit up. Wear it with a pencil skirt, fitted dress, or flare dress for those cooler days!

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Floral is perfect for summer. I’m seeing floral all over D.C. I love floral dresses and floral tops… brightens up the summer day even more. Make sure the rest of your outfit is solid-colored. This also goes well with a nude or black pair of heels for the office!

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Lastly ladies… you can wear jumpsuits to work! Yes I said it. Just make it classy and I suggest wearing it on a Friday or a relaxed day. Pair your jumpsuit with a blazer or light cardigan, and simple heels!

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Have fun with your clothing, but still be mindful of your environment! The goal is to be neat but fun!
Let us know how you’d rock any of the suggested pieces!
Your Trendy Tuesday Topliner,


Trending: Modest Beach Babe

Hello fabulous ladies and sorry for the delay on your trendy tip #7. Memorial Day weekend has just past and it was the kickoff to beach road trips. I absolutely love the beach (the vibes, the waves, the food, the constant floating). However, life has been very busy lately that I haven’t had time to go to the beach. In fact my last time was 2014, with graduating and trying to job hustle. However, me and three of my lovely sisters in Christ decided to go to Virginia Beach and we had a ball. 2014 was also the year I became a Christian, so you know what that means… Yes, MODESTY! I did a post last year on modestly and the practicality of it, especially once you get to a certain age, however, I did not mention what you do when you go to the beach (shame on me). 

Now ladies, I know you all have been working on that beach body and you want to show it off. But if the Bible is your standard then modesty is not an option, it’s a must. But you can still be cute while being modest, I promise! Here are some tips:

There are tons of stores that sell stellar one pieces, two-pieces, and tankinis online and in store; beachwear for average sized women and plus-sized women! Ayra Swim, and Asos, Nordstrom have great one-pieces ranging from: $40-100. However, if you wanted to a more cost-effective alternative, Victoria’s Secret, Target, Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, and Marshalls all have great pieces as well. If you don’t want to go the one-piece route, but would prefer a bikini, you can always pair it with a standout cover-up (sold in the stores listed above).

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We love those short shorts because there is nothing like the sun kissing your legs. However, instead of the short shorts, you can absolutely go for complete boho-beach vibes with flowy pants. They’re cute, comfortable, and fit the occasion.

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Going out to dinner with your girls? Instead of the skin-tight bodycon, linen is the way to go (also previously discussed). It’s lightweight but dressy enough to standout for your night out!

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It is possible to be modest and cute, I guarantee it!

Your Trendy Tuesday Topliner,


Loc Lovin’!

My current obsession has been locs… so much so that I’m about to get them. Locs also known as “dreads” or “dreadlocks” have always been around. In Hindu and Ancient Egyptian culture, people’s hair would automatically loc from not combing. However, Bob Marley unintentionally made them popular. Members of the Rastafarian religion are among the most popular to wear this “hairstyle” as their religion suggests that they don’t cut their hair. Mr. Marley being obedient to his religion locked his hair. But also, Mr. Marley being the influential icon he was started a revolution of locs. This hairstyle became popular in the United States in the 70s, then the 80s with Whoopi Goldberg. There are many methods to locking your hair, however, the process is the same. Essentially you are not combing your hair or cutting it. You let your hair mat and “bud” and the new growth from your scalp is added on the the “dead” hair (locs). 

As you may have noticed, I have only addressed this hair style as locs because that’s what it is. The term dreadlocks came from some individuals of the Caucasian ethnicity calling this hairstyle dreadful, thinking it was unkept, unclean, incited rebellion, amongst other things. The term stuck, however readers, I implore you call the hairstyle by the name it started as. There is nothing dreadful about this beautiful journey.

Many people love the aesthetic to locs but are fearful to get them because of the misconception that once you lock your hair, you can’t undo it. This is not completely true. If your hair has completely locked, then you can unlock your hair by using a pin or a similar object to undo your entangled strands. However, this takes time… actually a couple days project, that’s why some individuals just cut off their locs and restart their hair growth journey. But this is my take: hair is is hair! Unless you have an ailment that prevents you from growing your hair (i.e. Alopecia, cancer, or a genetic disease) then don’t worry about restarting; just consider it a new journey!

As engrossed as I am by locs, there are cons. Once you’ve had your locs for a while, they WILL become heavy and require more attention. Carelessness of your locs at a long length can result in receeding hairlines, or even the falling of your locs. There is also the build-up monster. Using several products, especially creamy or waxy, can cause build-up on your locs. Consequently, your strands will attract lint and require more shampoos. My suggestion is to go to a natural loctician who uses natural products and is gentle so that he/she may care for your tender tresses. 

If you’re thinking of locking your hair, there are several methods to do so. CurlyNuGrowth has the pros and cons of each.

Comb coils

Two strand twists




Faux locs/loc extensions

If you have locs, share your hair journey! Interested in getting locs like myself, let’s have a conversation!

Some of my favorite locked celebrities.
 90s Lenny Kravitz And his old flame Lisa Bonet

Halle and Chloe, Beyonce’s talented protégés 

The soulful Ledisi

And my all-time favorite Lauryn ‘L Boogie’ Hill

Your Trendy Tuesday Topliner,