Diamond in the Back

One of my all time favorite songs in Diamond in the Back by Curtis Mayfield. It’s a smooth, soultry song that came out in the 70’s. In the lyrics, he says “Though you may not drive a great big Cadillac. Gangsta white walls, TV antennas in the back. You may not have a car at all. But remember brothers and sisters

You can still stand tall. Just be thankful for what you’ve got. Though you may not drive a great big Cadillac, Diamond in the back, sunroof top. Diggin’ the scene with a gangsta lean”.

Lately, I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal. Every day, I write down the things I’m grateful for or the good things that happened. I received this idea from a book that I’m reading: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, by Amy Morin (please grab a copy, super life-changing). If you’re an emotional person like me, you can just feel overwhelmed by the end of the day, internalizing not only yours, but other people’s issues, feeling like what is life. “Why don’t we just have a utopia”. Then I look at my gratitude journal and I’m in awe; wow, life is not bad after all. In fact, life is pretty good. When we choose to focus on the negative, life will be dark; if we choose to focus on the real, life will be life and we can accept the good with the bad.

We can all have our diamond in the back, with the sunroof top. There is a lot that goes into this, but I encourage you to start simple by just maintaining a gratitude journal, listing all the things you’re thankful for on a daily basis. You’ll be grateful you did.

Nothing but love,


WCW Gina Rodriguez/Style Done Right

Go Gina, go Gina! Some of you may not know her, but for those who do, you fell in love with her watching Jane the Virgin. Gina Rodriguez is a Puerto Rican-American actor, activist, feminist, and philanthropist. Wow. Talk about a jack of all trades. Not only is she all these things, she’s one stylish gal. From her edgy bob, to her sleek clothing.

While I was being creepy, I googled who she was currently in a relationship with, his name is Joe LoCicero. But forget Joe, let’s look at what she wore while she was with Joe. I couldn’t help but to think “this is mesh done right”. Her mesh is not trashy. For look no. 1, I love this high neck, long-sleeve, mesh ensemble. She looks absolutely stunning.

Let’s look at Gina’s mesh take #2. Again with the neck, but this time, no sleeves, and in sleek black. Her entire body is not exposed through the mesh but she still rocks her banging figure with the cut of the dress. Uhm, I’ll just go ahead and say it a third time… go Gina! And go Joe for being in a relationship with Gina! If you’re not aware of Gina, definitely look her up; I’m sure she’ll end up being your woman crush too!



No 1 Man Should Have That Power

Now that I have Your attention with that Kanye lyric… hello ladies! I hope you’re doing stellar this new year. Today, I want to talk about something is overlooked but so important, and it’s your power.

I struggle with people pleasing. I want to be liked and don’t want people to be mad at me (stemming from childhood). My people pleasing is something that I’ve grown to hate. It can cripple me, overthinking every failed scenario and failing in attempts to “correct” a situation. But this year, I decided that enough is enough. When we people please, we give away our power. Think about it. Every time you said yes, when you wanted to say no, you gave away your power. Sometimes, you’re glad you said yes but at times you regret your affirmation. Don’t get me wrong, serve if you have the capacity and extend to your neighbors. But don’t over stretch yourself if you don’t have the capacity; you don’t want to resent yourself or people.

What about when you put your foot in your mouth? You apologize but you keep overthinking it, thinking what can I do better or how can I keep this person from being mad at me? You give your power to that person. You will probably do anything to get them to be “happy” again. You feel like their happiness is your responsibility. People’s happiness is THEIR responsibility. Don’t get me wrong, sincerely right your wrongs but then keep it moving.

What about when you like someone intimately? For people pleasers we want people to like us so we’re not even ourselves. But have you noticed that you are yourself with people you don’t like and they end up liking you, but with the person you like, you’re this version of yourself that is not really you, and that person doesn’t like you. You’re thinking “… why can’t you be more like that person”. But really, “why can’t you be more like yourself”.

Don’t give people your power based on what you think you’re supposed to be. Be you, be genuine, be sincere, be powerful. When you start overthinking or people pleasing, talk sense into yourself. Sometimes we need accountability or professional help to correct this way of thinking. Don’t be fearful to go after that. There’s no shame in seeking positive mental behaviors. I pray in 2018 you stop overthinking and start being YOU.

Nothing but love,


Miracles Don’t Just Happen

Have you ever realized that miracles don’t just happen? A lot of the time, we expect God to magically solve a problem. But God is not a genie. He always interacted with his creation. Jesus never healed arbitrarily, but as a result of something. Whether it be prayer, fasting, or leaps of faith. Abraham became the father or many nations. He gave birth to Isaac at 100 years old. God didn’t just magically give him this, however. God told Abraham “I am God Almighty; walk before me faithfully and be blameless. Then I will make my covenant between me and you and will greatly increase your numbers.””

Genesis 17:1-2. There’s an if-then relationship here. Abraham had to first do something which was walk before God faithfully and be blameless THEN the Lord would make his convenient with him. In John 5, Jesus heals the invalid man. He tells him “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk” to which the man listened. As a result, he cured. But he had to first pick up his mat and walk; he had to first do what Jesus commanded. Had he not, where would the miracle be? So I ask you today, will you pick up your mat and walk as the Lord commands you to or will you continue to miss the miracles?

Food for Thought,



Hi everyone!

It’s been a while. I’ve been busy with work and school. But I decided to stop by and share some things that were on my heart and hope it helps you if you find yourself in a similar situation. So excuse me while I get vulnerable! 

Recently, I’ve been feeling a bit hopeless in my relationship with God, especially when it came to my sin . Feeling like I take one step forward then 10,000 backwards. I’d get advice from my friends and beat myself up then be as vulnerable as possible with God and just feel like no change was happening. 

Today I was faced with a situation where I lied about something important. I immediately felt guilty and prayed then called a close friend for advice… she didn’t pick up. I was in a panic, thinking about the consequences when something just hit me… “Why am I getting advice on who God made me to be”. That’s when I instantly rectified my lie and was upfront. What clicked in me was that God made me to be a woman of integrity, and He planted His word in me. There may be consequences but I know who I am in God, and that’s all that matters. 

We so often go searching for the answers, ignoring what’s already been planted in us by His Grace. The Holy Spirit is real. Ephesians 4:30 says “And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God whom you were sealed for the day of redemption”. Advice is great, biblical, and vital; however, we are also graced with the Spirit of truth which aids us in our time of need. Let’s be bold, let’s be real, and let’s go to the source!

Nothing but Love,