2018 goals

Happy New Year!

I finally took time to write out all of my goals for this year and just want to share what they are…

  1. Pray. This year I want to strengthen my prayer life. I want for praying to become a habit for me. I want to learn to pray before, during, and after every situation I am faced with.
  2. Start each day early and slow. I noticed that when I wake up earlier in the mornings, I have more time to slowly get into my day. I have grown to appreciate having time to meditate, pray, and journal in the mornings. This makes a HUGE difference in how my day goes.
  3. Go to bed earlier. I know that if I plan to wake up earlier, I will have to go to sleep earlier.
  4. Blog. Blogging is still very new to me,  but this year I want to become more creative and consistent with it.
  5. Attend church regularly. Last year I made a lot of excuses for why I wasn’t in church like I should’ve been, but this year I want to push myself to attend more often.
  6. Exercise.  Last year I found a rhythm in my schedule that made it easier to incorporate regular exercise. This year I want to push myself to keep up with it.
  7. Conscious eating. I don’t like saying that I’m going to cut a lot of stuff out or go on a diet because that  never works for me. But I have noticed that certain foods don’t agree with my body anymore. So, this year I will pay more attention to that and be a lot more conscious of what I’m eating and how much I’m eating.
  8. New experiences. I want this year to be filled with new experiences and in order to do that I’m willing to push myself  out of my comfort zone. I want to meet new people, join new organizations, travel to new places, eat at new restaurants, explore new hobbies, etc.
  9. Learn new scriptures. I have a wall in my room filled with all of my favorite scriptures. This year I want to learn new scriptures that I can add to my wall.
  10. Save more money. Last year I was able to reach my goal in how much I aimed to save by the end of the year. This year, I set a new goal amount that I plan to reach by the end of this year.
  11. Continue practicing self-care. I have grown to appreciate even the small things that make me happy like getting some good sleep, taking a hot bath, eating good food, getting my nails and hair done, etc. This year I want to make a grander effort to continue making myself happy.




My 31 Day Challenge

Lately I’ve been really stressed and overwhelmed. And even with getting enough sleep and taking my vitamins, my energy levels have been low. Instead of embracing the obstacles that God has helped me to overcome, I’ve allowed my circumstances to get the best of me. My stress has been showing in how I look, how I feel, and in how I talk. One of my friends recently asked me “Is anything positive going on for you right now?” At first I was salty because I just wanted to complain lol. But I’m happy she woke me up because I didn’t realize how negative I’ve been sounding.

So, I decided to start a 31 Day Challenge. For the next month I will re-dedicate myself to speaking positive over my life and situations, reclaiming God’s purpose for my life, and re-activating my faith to accomplish all things God has encouraged me to do.

Whenever I’m feeling unmotivated or really stressed, one of my favorite/go-to devotionals is “I DECLARE” by Joel Osteen. I bought this book about 4 or 5 years ago, but always find my way back to it. It’s broken into thirty-one day-by-day sections. The readings for each day are short (making it easy for me to read) but are so powerful and inspiring. There are also short stories behind each day’s declaration that helps to make the declaration more real.

Here is Day One; I hope this speaks to you in the same ways it speaks to me!






My new favorite drink !

I’ve been getting sooo many compliments about my looks lately. Everyone keeps telling me how good I look and how they are happy for me because I’m losing weight. I appreciate all the compliments, but I’m not gon lie, it’s been throwing me off a little bit because I promise I haven’t been doing anything besides EATING everything I don’t need lol.

Well I guess I can’t say I haven’t been doing anything (I just mean that I haven’t been exercising lol). There is one thing I started doing about a month or two ago and I think that has a lot to do with how I feel and how I look.

Here is my secret: APPLE CIDER VINEGAR !

I’ve heard so many people talking about ACV and all its benefits but didn’t really think it would actually work. I just randomly decided to try it. I’ll be honest and say that it tastes pretty DISGUSTING but I came up with my own little concoction to help me deal with the taste.



Every morning I drink Lemon Ginger Tea mixed with two B-Complex vitamins (sometimes three depending on how tired I am), a little bit of honey, and a spoonful of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. I can’t say I’ve noticed any drastic changes but I will say that this has really helped with my digestion, flushing my system, and with my energy levels (the B-Complex vitamins). I’m starting to think this has helped me to shed a few inches too because I am starting to notice that some of my clothes are fitting different.

I’m not trying to advertise that just drinking this is the answer, but I will say that the small changes I have noticed may help to produce a greater result if done in combination with healthy eating and exercise. But even outside of this, I really just wanted to share what I’ve been doing !

Learning to trust God


A few months ago, God confirmed that it was time for me to focus on myself. I thought I accepted His confirmation when I convinced myself I was looking forward to this journey. But not even a few weeks in, I found myself being forced to face things I wasn’t ready to face. I had to accept losing people who were close to me, I had to accept spending more time alone, I had to come to terms with some insecurities of mine, and I’ve had to learn how to become more emotionally independent. Although I knew that being in this space could benefit me, to be honest it’s been really hard to deal with. So instead of embracing change, I chose to distract myself instead. I’ve distracted myself with other people, social media, going out and turning up, laziness, sleep, and basically anything that kept me from actually dealing with being in a hard space. For the most part, I enjoyed being distracted; it was fun. However, I say “for the most part” because it would be the other times when people weren’t available, I was no longer drunk, or I couldn’t fall asleep, that my feelings would consume me and I would feel stuck and defeated.

Earlier this month, one of my devotional readings really spoke to me. It said that “sometimes God will back you into a corner and remove all your alternatives to show you His miracle-working power. If God’s Word is all you have to go on, you’re about to receive a miracle. If you have faith in His Word, God will take what seems impossible and accomplish it. I think this opened my mind and heart because it explained how I feel: backed into a corner and striped of my alternatives. I like knowing that because of where I am God is preparing me to receive a miracle. But what really kept me thinking is “if you have faith..“. Reading this part, triggered thoughts in my head like: What does it mean to have faith? Do I have faith? But what about this and what about that? 

It’s funny how God works because even in the midst of me ignoring Him, doubting Him, and choosing others over Him, He still hasn’t failed to show Himself to me. Since I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree three years ago, I have been praying, crying, worrying and working my butt off to move forward within my field. I wanted so badly to get into grad school, even applied once before and was denied. But, long story short, God encouraged me to re-apply and this time I was accepted and granted scholarship money that initially I was told I was not eligible for! When I shared this with one of my friends, she reminded me that God has a plan for me and that I need to start trusting Him more. This is exactly what I needed to hear! God came through right on time. Not only was this the answer to my prayers, but this filled me with the hope I need to make it through my current storm.

God’s faithfulness during this time gave me an understanding about what it means to have faith. I’m learning that I have to look past what I see now and look forward to what God has coming. I have to let go of how I believe my life should go and follow the plan that God has set for me. I have to believe that when I pray God hears me even if He doesn’t respond right away. I have to trust that God’s timing is better than my own. I have to surrender my worry, doubt, and fear unto Him and allow Him to work on my behalf. I have to communicate with God on a regular and consistent basis. Most importantly, I am learning to allow myself to be vulnerable with God so that He may use this space to draw me closer to Him. This is definitely going to be a process for me but I am happy to be learning how to trust in God.