The Professional Chronicles: Summer 2017!

Too all my yo-pros (young professionals) and my seasoned sisters, you can be fashionable any profession and any time of year! As part of the summer trends series, I’d like to touch on professional, fashionable clothing! I dont work in a PR firm or a the fashion industry, but in IT, with a bunch of computers and a bunch of men! But that doesn’t stop me from looking my best. When I look my best, I feel great. When I feel great, I’m encouraged to put out my best product. 

I love wearing high waisted clothing! In fact, I’ve worn high waisted bottoms this entire week. Monday I wore black high waisted pants that zipped on the side, a blue and white pin-striped button down, and a black blazer. Tuesday I wore a simple scoop neck white tee, with a high waisted pencil skirt and a cardigan. Today I am wearing a body suit and high waisted parachute slacks. High waist is flattering & trending!


I also love chunky heels for work. You can wear chunky heels with almost any artifact of clothing, but they epsically look good with skinny-leg slacks. My only desire is that your chunky heels are not loud-colored. That would draw too much attention!


Blazers are amazing, especially for this unpredictable weather. It’s the perfect piece to dress your outfit up. Wear it with a pencil skirt, fitted dress, or flare dress for those cooler days!


Floral is perfect for summer. I’m seeing floral all over D.C. I love floral dresses and floral tops… brightens up the summer day even more. Make sure the rest of your outfit is solid-colored. This also goes well with a nude or black pair of heels for the office!


Lastly ladies… you can wear jumpsuits to work! Yes I said it. Just make it classy and I suggest wearing it on a Friday or a relaxed day. Pair your jumpsuit with a blazer or light cardigan, and simple heels!


Have fun with your clothing, but still be mindful of your environment! The goal is to be neat but fun!
Let us know how you’d rock any of the suggested pieces!
Your Trendy Tuesday Topliner,


Trendy Tuesday: Show Those Shoulders!

Hey there fashionistas! Summer is coming soon, so you know I’ll let you know about the hottest trends for summer 2017. Once a week, I’ll be releasing a new trend so that by the time June rolls around, you’re all geared up and fly for the summer. Ladies, this summer, we are showing our shoulders!
*tape rewinds* “shoulders…”? Yes. 

Off-the-shoulder is in style and it’s coming in every form: off the shoulder tops, dresses, jumpsuits, and gowns.

Unlike the other pieces I’ve written about before, I feel like his style looks best dressed up! 

According to, off-the-shoulder clothing has been on and off since the 1800’s when French designer Charles Frederick Worth designed his gowns with this unique style. However, the style became truly popular in the 60’s. Stars like Brigitte Bardot first wore studding off the shoulder tops and it became an on and off fashion throughout the decades. Now it’s back and it looks amazing!

The thing I like the most about off the shoulder outfits is how it accentuates your collar bone; women are given great definition and it highlights their amazing features.Secondly, the tops are usually lose and flowy, making it great to pair with a skinny bottom.

Off-the-shoulder pieces look great in stripes- I’m seeing that pattern most. The other day I got an off-the-shoulder dress from Ross (don’t sleep on Ross) that was blue and white pin-strip and was a little above the knee. Talk about pairing this with my mustard heels in the summer for a standout fashion statement! 

Here’s some tips on how to standout with your off-the-shoulder pieces:

Off-the-shoulder dresses look great with pop-color chunky heels.

Off-the-shoulder tops look great with fitted flare jeans to give Farrah Fawcet vibes, or skinny jeans with peep-toe heels.

Depending on the swag of the piece, off the shoulder jumpsuits can look great with simple sandals or peep toe heels

I am absolutely loving off-the-shoulder outfits for the summer and cannot wait to add to my closet. Let us know your favorite off-the-shoulder styles and how you rock it!
Your Trendy Tuesday Topliner,


Are your nails poppin’?!

I am one of those girls who enjoys to get their nails done. I feel that my hands look better with polish. Some girls, on the other hand, look great with a more natural look. I am not one of those girls. I am, however, obsessed with gel polish.

Gel polish is basically regular polish but the 4.0 version. It is better than your standard nail polish because:

  • It dries instantly.
  • Last up to 3 weeks.

These points are the main reason why I use to not like to get my nails done. With regular polish, I would spend so much time waiting on my nails to dry; don’t get me started on accidently bumping your nails while they are trying to dry. Plus, after all that caution, my nails would have the nerve to start chipping in less than a week. That is a complete waist of my time and money.

So, when I started to get gel nails, it just made sense. So what is the process of getting gel nails?

  • First you get a normal manicure.
  • You wash your hands.
  • Then, a special primer or base is applied.
  • The first layer of UV nail gel is then applied. After that you place your fingers under the UV light.
  • You then repeat this process with a second layer and special top coat.
  • Your polish is instantly dried.


I enjoy getting gel nails as it is an optimal choice for me. I’m not wasting my money getting regular polish for only 4 days; And it’s not as dramatic as getting a full on acrylic set. Gel nails are a simple way to dress up your regular nails – with long last results. My favorite design  options are the mood changing colors and the chrome designs.

There is, however, a down side of getting gel nails.

  • There have been reports that gel nails can lead to cancer. The UV light from lamps used to set the gel manicures have the same kind of damaging effects as a sunbed.
  • The treatment can cause the nail to thin as you need to buff the polish off when you take the polish off.
  • It’s going to be a lot tougher to remove the gel. You will need to soak your nails in pure acetone, which is very drying to the fingers or file them off.
  • It can potentially lead to infections.
  • Some specialists claim that it takes the nails about 6 weeks to recover from a gel treatment.

With all of that being said, I still do over all enjoy gel nail polish. I do recommend giving your nails a break every now and then.

Give me some feedback. Do you use gel polish? Love or hate?


Stay poppin’,

Ms. Aja Gibbs

All White, All Right

No, this isn’t a race discussion. We’re getting fashionable today! Last weekend, the singles ministry at my church hosted a party in New York, themed all white. I don’t typically wear white, unless the piece is just to die for! Sometimes I feel like I cannot with certain items because of my darker skin complexion. However, when I said this to my sister, she responded with “Are you crazy? White looks better on darker-skinned people.” Because I barely wear white, I definitely had to purchase something. I searched for two days before I stumbled on this fabulous find on– all white, strapless, wide-leg jumpsuit. It came just in time, however, if I didn’t like it, it wouldn’t have been ideal. Fortunately, I loved it! Once I beat my face, you couldn’t tell me anything; I was absolutely giving 99’ Miseducation Lauryn Hill. My friend Ashley got a fabulous find also at for only $20! Can you say #bargainshoppers?


I was thoroughly impressed with how classy white looked on everyone with just a little bit of effort and needless to say, I am currently obsessed with all-white! I know you’ve heard of the cliché sayings “Don’t wear white after Labor Day”, but I believe this is bunch of nonsense. Though I attended a summer party, I certainly believe you can wear white any time of the year. I have this all-white wool, biker jacket that I got from Banana Republic for $47 (super sale from $189). I deem this my “polar-bear”. Not only is the jacket super warm, but it is giving NY chic. Don’t be afraid to wear your all white, all year. It gives a look of innocence, boldness, and chicness. Check out some all-white outfit ideas that you  can pull off for the rest of the year and send us some of your favorites.



Trendy Tuesday: Linen is In!

Ladies, this trendy Tuesday was inspired by the light-weight, cotton material linen! Not only is linen perfect for summer because of the lower thread count, but it also gives you a unique look because of the rough look of the fibers.

From what I’ve seen, the go-to linen attire is pants. Everyone loves a good pair of linen pants. Why? You can dress them up or dress them down. I just wore a light tan pair to work yesterday and the compliments I received were endless! The key to slaying with linen bottoms is not over-doing it. Linen is already a unique fabric. I would wear a solid colored top, (t-shirt, flowy, or collared), but the key is not to clash with the patterns. Also if you choose to wear light-colored bottoms, you can go either way with your top choice, varying from light to dark. However, if you choose to wear dark-colored linens, your top should definitely be bright. I would go with white or cream.


Another linen favorite is linen dresses/tunics. These are perfect for those summer cookouts! It’s light and airy and makes you look effortlessly flawless. Some of the linen dresses I’ve seen are definitely giving off serious boho vibes (which you all know is my go-to). You can also chill or kill with a linen dress. If you are going for a more dressed up look, you can pair your linen dress with a pair of solid colored, peep toe heels, or wedges. To take a calmer (but still effortless) approach with your dress, I would wear a pair of flats or gladiator sandals with loose jewelry.


There are some cons with linens though… but of course there’s always a cost to beauty! Linen gets wrinkled…QUICK. My suggestion: make sure that you iron your outfit with starch before wearing it. Also, in order to preserve the fabric, take your linen’s to the dry cleaners and make sure they starch press it. I know it seems excessive, but linens are a fabric that you don’t want to ruin; it’s hard to get it back.

Well ladies, you heard it from me. Linen is in and killing!

Send us photos of your favorite linens!

Your Trendy Tuesday Trendsetter,