WCW Gina Rodriguez/Style Done Right

Go Gina, go Gina! Some of you may not know her, but for those who do, you fell in love with her watching Jane the Virgin. Gina Rodriguez is a Puerto Rican-American actor, activist, feminist, and philanthropist. Wow. Talk about a jack of all trades. Not only is she all these things, she’s one stylish gal. From her edgy bob, to her sleek clothing.

While I was being creepy, I googled who she was currently in a relationship with, his name is Joe LoCicero. But forget Joe, let’s look at what she wore while she was with Joe. I couldn’t help but to think “this is mesh done right”. Her mesh is not trashy. For look no. 1, I love this high neck, long-sleeve, mesh ensemble. She looks absolutely stunning.

Let’s look at Gina’s mesh take #2. Again with the neck, but this time, no sleeves, and in sleek black. Her entire body is not exposed through the mesh but she still rocks her banging figure with the cut of the dress. Uhm, I’ll just go ahead and say it a third time… go Gina! And go Joe for being in a relationship with Gina! If you’re not aware of Gina, definitely look her up; I’m sure she’ll end up being your woman crush too!



The Professional Chronicles: Summer 2017!

Too all my yo-pros (young professionals) and my seasoned sisters, you can be fashionable any profession and any time of year! As part of the summer trends series, I’d like to touch on professional, fashionable clothing! I dont work in a PR firm or a the fashion industry, but in IT, with a bunch of computers and a bunch of men! But that doesn’t stop me from looking my best. When I look my best, I feel great. When I feel great, I’m encouraged to put out my best product. 

I love wearing high waisted clothing! In fact, I’ve worn high waisted bottoms this entire week. Monday I wore black high waisted pants that zipped on the side, a blue and white pin-striped button down, and a black blazer. Tuesday I wore a simple scoop neck white tee, with a high waisted pencil skirt and a cardigan. Today I am wearing a body suit and high waisted parachute slacks. High waist is flattering & trending!

(Via Pinterest.com)

I also love chunky heels for work. You can wear chunky heels with almost any artifact of clothing, but they epsically look good with skinny-leg slacks. My only desire is that your chunky heels are not loud-colored. That would draw too much attention!

(Via Pinterest.com)

Blazers are amazing, especially for this unpredictable weather. It’s the perfect piece to dress your outfit up. Wear it with a pencil skirt, fitted dress, or flare dress for those cooler days!

(Via Pinterest.com)

Floral is perfect for summer. I’m seeing floral all over D.C. I love floral dresses and floral tops… brightens up the summer day even more. Make sure the rest of your outfit is solid-colored. This also goes well with a nude or black pair of heels for the office!

(Via Pinterest.com)

Lastly ladies… you can wear jumpsuits to work! Yes I said it. Just make it classy and I suggest wearing it on a Friday or a relaxed day. Pair your jumpsuit with a blazer or light cardigan, and simple heels!

(Via Pinterest.com)

Have fun with your clothing, but still be mindful of your environment! The goal is to be neat but fun!
Let us know how you’d rock any of the suggested pieces!
Your Trendy Tuesday Topliner,


Trendy Tuesday: Off-the-Shoulder Tings

Happy Tuesday Queens!

Let’s get into the trend that has been giving me life lately! I’ve been seeing it everywhere. From online stores like Fashion Nova and Lola Shoetique to Forever 21 where the trend has it’s own subcategory on the website. I mean how could you not love an off-the-shoulder blouse, jumpsuit, romper, or dress? Maybe you’re insecure about your shoulders or feel like you have a strong collarbone, but in my honest opinion, I think that the shoulder area is the sexiest area to show off without falling into the risque category.

I love the off-the-shoulder trend because my collarbone area is my favorite part of my body. I love how sunkissed my shoulders always look and how chiseled my collarbone is. Whenever my outfit is feeling a little boring, I just throw a little shoulder out there and boom! My grown and sexy woman status skyrockets!

Still not sold? Check out some examples below…





What do you think about this trend? Are you here for it?

Love on the Brain: Valentine’s Day ft. Lulus


I already know what you’re thinking. It’s almost Valentine’s Day? Crazy right? It seems like the year just started and we’re already preparing for the holiday of love. Fortunately for me, I won’t have to worry about finding the perfect outfit and getting all dolled up because I’m as single as a dollar bill! But, I know tons of you ladies will be spending the day with the special man in your life. Don’t be in a frenzy over one day; Lulus is here to calm your nerves and

Lulus offers great quality clothing and shoes that will put the finishing touches on a great night of love. They carry sizes small-extra large and their clothing comes in a variety of colors.

Need some outfit ideas? Jess is here to save the day!


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Need makeup inspo? Check out the video below!